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Email Issues With GMail and Skotos

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  • Email Issues With GMail and Skotos

    If you use gmail for anything Skotos related this is relevant to you.

    So it seems that as of 1 or 2 months ago, the domain was falsely flagged by google as a spam/phishing agency. The result of this is that the CM mailing lists used by guilds are now completely useless for anyone using a gmail account. Staff email accounts are similarly neutralized if they're set up to forward to a gmail account... like mine is. Which explains why some of you have been asking me about replies to emails I never received. Unfortunately gmail is not simply sending these emails to the spam box, but bouncing them altogether without any notification sent to the recipient, which means in the case of staff or VP emails set up to forward email to a gmail account, setting up anti-spam filters won't work because gmail stops the message before it even reaches your filters.

    Skotos is trying to address this problem with Google. In the interim, there are ways for non-forwarding accounts to get around this problem by setting up gmail filters. A simple solution is to create a filter that flags any email with the word "Marrach" in it. With that filter set, check the option "never send to spam", this should prevent any email with the word "marrach" in it from getting deleted on you.

    As for me, I'll probably have to create a non-skotos webmail account for Staff related emails in the interim, and will do so later tonight or tomorrow when I get a chance to do so.

    This is all a lot of jargon that translates simply to "Gmail just gave Skotos a swift kick in the face and email is no longer a reliable means of communication between Marrach players for anyone using gmail or sending email to someone who uses gmail and I don't have an immediate or easy solution for it". So if you send me something, and it bounces, or you don't hear back, this is why.
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