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  • A Chronicler's Lament

    Could players please:
    1. Help us by sending us news?
    2. Acknowledge us other than when something is wrong/missing?

    Chronicling takes a lot of effort, especially if we miss what's happening and have to get details from others -- because those details aren't often forthcoming. Then, on top of that, to have chronicling taken for granted to the extent that we only ever get any feedback or comments from people is if we need to correct an error or we haven't written about something, is very harsh. We're glad chronicles can keep people informed. We're glad they create roleplay for others. But at the same time, we'd like to not feel walked on and/or taken for granted.

    I always try to make sure I thank crafters, and show appreciation to people who positively impact my character's life. So take a moment and thank a chronicler or tell them you really liked something, or...something. Please.

    We haven't had a Chronicle of Happenings in two weeks and not one person has asked Euphelia why, or said they missed it. Heck, she asked for feedback about it, and only one person independently contacted Euphelia about it.

    I feel like a total whiner making this post, but between my computer dying and having to get a new one, another chronicler out for work and then being in an awful car accident, another one busy travelling for work, and yet another being a professional musician and so busy with holiday concert season? We're struggling. We want to keep people informed about the Black Dame stuff but there's still stuff we don't know and people are just like, 'yeah we know nothing you should ask this person' who then shuts down and says 'yeah cant talk about it.'

    My forehead is getting sore from banging against this wall. And I love chronicling, and I love this game, and I just want it to be easier for us if we can make it easier.

    Sorry for the whine.

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    As someone who has played two chroniclers in my time in this game, I must tell you it's not as simple as it sounds and everything Phee's Player just wrote is true. Many of us have lives and play other chars too, so we can't have our chroniclers out every time something happens. And trying to get information from other chars so frustrating, no one ever knows anything or if they do it's all wrong information. I'm personally so tired of people asking about why chroniclers aren't doing this and that when no one helps us do our job.

    Perhaps some of you should try becoming a chronicler so that we have more eyes around the castle or if you see something, let them know with details and then it can be shared with the castle. The chroniclers rarely ever get a thank you and no one sees what they do, instead, the focus is on what they don't do. I've honestly lost the love and passion for chronicling partially because of that alone, so nowadays I stick to Adeline.

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      To also add:

      When I came back to CM and picked up chronicling again, someone ic was all thrilled about it and told me so. It felt good for the recognition, but at the same time i felt bad for yazmin, who had done an amazing job in the past two years since i left the chroniclers. yet the person said to me that she didn't recall yazmin writing anything...despite the fact that yazmin had written more than 40 chronicles in two years.

      that's why we feel taken for granted.


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        I've never played a Chronicler. Admittedly, I don't have think I would enjoy OOC or IC spending my time at events with the mindset of reporting. Also, I do think it's an occupation that is best played by a person who has only one character, or two with one not having a large amount of responsibility to conflict. The Chroniclers are such an important guild, especially for returning players or even new players who want to get an idea of Castle history. I'm sorry that you all feel underappreciated or like you aren't getting the responses and reception you wish you would. For me, as a player on the outside who has been questioned regarding recent events, it's a struggle between what a person would normally recall during a stressful event, and still providing some useful information. I do log so I could very easily go through my logs and provide you every detail IC and say I just have that good of a memory, but I don't do that. I have one character who is more intensely focused on emotional memories (she remembers the things that impact her the most), and one who is very detail oriented and notices much more, even down to the smaller details. Josie can tell you who she remembers being around, but she won't remember everyone. She can give you a summary of what occurred, but she's likely to leave out details that she didn't absorb as important. She can tell you things she has heard too, but they might not be factual. I can see how all those things might pose problems for Chroniclers who just want straight answers, but don't always get them. It would make your job easier for people to refer to their logs and have better memories, but I don't know that's realistic for all of us.

        In regards to sending you guys news - I personally have multiple people to write whenever something occurs. It's hard enough for me to remember to write all of them (and sometimes I don't because I just forget), let alone remembering to write yet another group to relay what has happened. I know that doesn't help, but it's the truth. Maybe there is some way you can hire people who aren't Chroniclers, but just witnesses, to do nothing more than send in information about what has been happening in the Keep. Every Chronicler gets one? It might even behoove you to look toward the newly-dawned for that task as a way of getting them involved in plots and the goings-on of the Castle.

        Yazmin did do an amazing job when she was the only one around. I know whenever she came to my char's events it was something like an honor to know it was going to be recorded, and I was able to tell her that IG, but I understand how it could get frustrating to do it day in and day out and not feel appreciated. I always figured the 'reward' of being a Chronicler was that they could earn coins for writing their Chronicles, almost as much as regular people get for writing a whole book, so there was monetary encouragement if nothing else. The few Chroniclers I met who stopped chronicling or lost interest told me it was because of nit-pickiness, steam-rolling by other Chroniclers who were too demanding, and inability to have time to actually RP because of how much work went into researching and then writing a Chronicle. Maybe the answer then is to not chronicle everything you hear of that happens, but just what your character or other Chronicler characters are around for, unless you are able to get enough detailed information to do otherwise.

        I wish I could be more help. I'll attempt to support more IG, but I would encourage you to make a posting IG too stating that the Chroniclers could use aid in obtaining information about recent and future events since they can't be around all day every day. You might get more positive response from an IG request than an OOC one. (Though you may have tried this in the past already.)
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          Well, I will state that I have seen a big increase in chronicling activity the last couple months, and that's great! The chronicles are extremely important from an OOC standpoint in a game that is entirely about history and story and lore.

          It's stunning to realize that almost the entire Maeve Arrival / Future Marrach plot went unchronicled - I must've sat down on Galatea 4 or 5 times in the last couple months and told the whole 1-to-2 hour story of what happened with Maeve and the Triangle during the last major plot, because returning players couldn't find any documentation of it and its stuff that's super important to the game's story (especially with what's happening now). It's great that that won't be an issue this time around.

          Whenever able, I make my characters available to answer any plot / story / event related questions (and given where she sits, Galatea is usually one of the first people scrolled ICly) so if you need someone to quiz, you can bug Galatea when you see her for a fairly reliable update most times. Just don't write her asking her to update you, I spend way too much time doing scrolls as it is and would rather spend what time I do have to roleplay actually doing that and telling you in-character.
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            we often write to people asking them to write us with details because we think it is easier for them. If you ever get a letter like that, feel free to write back and set up a time to meet instead!

            thanks for the feedback, tayah! You should mention the lapse re maeve to phee and she can see about rectifying it, too.


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              You should visit us in the inner infirmary and asked what happened. I have some pretty good notes
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                Originally posted by Taite View Post
                You should visit us in the inner infirmary and asked what happened. I have some pretty good notes
                I literally did this and was told to gtfo.
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                  Re: Maeve/back to the future I think there is a book big in the Library that Tiernon wrote, but the forum is where people check for sure.

                  I love the chronicles and will make sure Brook starts to proclaim her delight at each new one even louder.

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                    Originally posted by Emerick View Post

                    I literally did this and was told to gtfo.
                    Things were chaotic at that time. I can't read northern, so I was practically clueless the whole time.
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                      I'm arriving late to the party, but let me just say two things:

                      1. Chroniclers are awesome. The amount of work that gets put into each entry is tremendous and dizzying (Both IC and OOC. I can testify after having my character held as hostage during a Chronicler meeting), and the in-game impact of having dedicated journalists is much larger than apparent. I returned to the game and dug deep into the archives to get a sense of what happened during my absence. Were the chroniclers any less present, I would be as much of an ignoramus as my own character is.

                      2. Chroniclers are awesome.

                      I felt the weekly happenings were amazing and real fun. In my head, I was thinking "Oh, cool! This gets the job done with half the workload", but apparently it's not so simple. And unfortunately I'm not smart enough to make any suggestions aside from bending our IC personas a little bit in order to accommodate to chroniclers' needs. They have it tough enough already.

                      I am wondering if, perhaps, Treasury could help a wee bit by allowing for a system in which Chroniclers get paid a set amount of coins for an article, and the collaborators get a bit of bronze for being cool and helping out with info. Perhaps that would get some people to work towards sending Chroniclers info because, hey! Many are hoarding for that cool item at the Bazaar.


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                        Chroniclers do get paid per chronicle, Brohm


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                          Originally posted by PageAnna View Post
                          We do get paid per chronicle, Brohm
                          We already get paid for giving chroniclers info?


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                            That I do not know. I think that would be up to the chroniclers more than treasury. I can't imagine having to keep track of sources.


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                              Originally posted by Galatea View Post
                              Just don't write her asking her to update you, I spend way too much time doing scrolls as it is and would rather spend what time I do have to roleplay actually doing that and telling you in-character.
                              I had a chronicler character back in the 2002-2003 era of Marrach and it was some of the best RP I had. My character was able to find out all sorts of secrets and stuff barely anyone else knew. But, it was all RP based.

                              My perspective on Chronicling in the current era of the game is "please write all of this down and I will rewrite it for you" or straight up interviews. Which can be fun RP, but I know that some of my characters are really averse to the in your face question. There doesn't seem to be too much investigative journalism going on or RPing information out of people. And while I am ever thankful and agree with the importance of Chronicling it just doesn't seem like even the Chroniclers push it's importance ICly.

                              This of course is just me expressing my preference for role play over reporting. Because I have characters involved in reporting for other things and it's tedious and boring.

                              With that said I want to shout out Yazmin because I loved how she always weaseled into scenes to write and would involve herself instead of just asking someone to report it back to her.

                              To address the Treasury issue, Rayna would obviously love to have that conversation ICly, but as a player who is intimately involved with Treasury and payouts, I cringe any time someone asks for coins to be paid to encourage people to participate in the game. Getting information out about things going on in the Castle, if that's not happening ICly and we need to be paid for it...then I worry about the game's future. Personally I think all of this is happening, already, but the Chroniclers and people willing to be their sources just aren't jumping in and finding the RP for it.

                              Again, not a criticism of any character or player, just a commentary on my perspective of this topic.