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    Originally posted by Galatea View Post
    ... perhaps that the Prosecution needs to start doing mock trials or other activities to keep them interested during the down time - I feel like this later suggestion will get old real fast though and not make it beyond one or two cracks at this.

    Actually I think this is a wonderfully idea for a fun event every other month or so, to put some activity out there. Have people come in, like any Mock Trial, to play the "roles" of the accused, some witnesses, and any other "roles" that aren't being currently practiced by actual Chancery members. Invite regular Castle denizens to come and observe in an audience (using the seats up in the balconies).

    Because that's one thing I would say about Chancery and Trials, at least in my views - No one really cares aside the Accused and the Chancery members. It's not an event of note, aside from the announcement of the verdict. There's no draw to WATCH a Trial.

    Also, Mock Trials could work as a wonderful recruitment tool to bring in new people to the Chancery, when they enter as a non-Chancery role (witnesses, accused, etc) and then like it and want to get more involved, or someone watches a Trial and wants to get more involved. Stuff along those lines.

    Holding events and making it seem interesting and worthwhile are the best recruitment tactics, and would give people things to do during downtime (thus upping retention rates, too!)! Win/Win


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      As an RL journalist, my experience is that the articles dealing with law and justice are some of the most popular (children's sports in community papers beats all). People are like dogs. They like to roll in crap. That being said, if there's a trial in game that's full of scandal and deliciousness, people usually will come. God knows, I had a good passel of people at Briseis' trial.

      That being said, mock trials was something thoroughly rejected by Lady Etaine, may her player RIP. And it is something that Calamity and I both want to do, since it will make it easier for us to have decent and hopefully entertaining trials.

      Chancery offers other services, like making wills. It would be nice if people would make use of these services, even though permanent death is nothing. It's just another thing we can do to give chancery people something to do. And for permanently dead characters (i.e. Jarrod or Uwaine), a will would have meant that their things could have been redistributed, shared out with those who loved the characters, and add to RP. Right now we have four wills on record...and only one of those players still plays.


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        Originally posted by Raoul View Post
        Chancery offers other services, like making wills. It would be nice if people would make use of these services, even though permanent death is nothing. It's just another thing we can do to give chancery people something to do.
        Advertise thus stuff IC! I didn't even know there was more... Make people more aware and the RP will come.


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          Truthfully I had asked for ideas prior to being appointed to any position -in- Chancery. I was working with two other players (also not in Chancery) with our point of reference for processes and such coming from a book written by someone named Malvolio. We were tasked to consider ideas for improvement to get us working as a team, but now having seen the actual Chancery files I agree there isn't much streamlining necessary. Our book reference was -very- old and many of the things we discussed that needed improving had long since been improved. Primarily any issues seem to have stemmed from lack of communication, lack of availability or a combination of the two, so that will be our focus.

          I love the idea of mock trials, but I'm actually not incredibly sad that Chancery doesn't have something to do all the time. There are plenty of things one can occupy themselves with during downtime in this game, especially if you hold more than one position or play more than one character. Also, it's good to not feel pressured every day to log because there's always something going on. We all need to be able to balance real life with the game otherwise there will be burn out.


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            I will say that yes it's good for the law characters and criminals to try and come together and compromise on the more serious punishments. But OOCly in a game where you come back to life...a beheading is not a serious punishment. Expulsion is a serious punishment, Furnacing is a serious punishment...THOSE are the things that I hope a Law character would go, "I wouldn't want my character to be gone forever, let's see how we can make this a good punishment without possibly pushing someone out of the game."
            Agree 100%, and that was the intent of my original post. The serious things, while diana was meant to be a recent example people would be familiar with, and it was a superficial example, i have no problem with her punishments in game. In Adahn's eyes, it was pretty light, though he had personal reasons to feel that way. Mine though, I only care if the player is cool with what happened over all, and if there's a way into the game she can continue to enjoy. Was a huge time investment lost forever, because other characters and more than a few -players- are just "tired of it". If she's cool, i'm cool, but I do want people to log in and RP and have fun. Goes for any criminal going through chancery. Meant to apply to everyone, not just recent events.

            Maia was pretty happy, it sounds like, so awesome. Glad for that. She's played since then too, so i'm even happier. Keep em coming, keep em playing, pay for an account if they support the game's direction and roleplay...make CM a success. That's all I'm aiming at, even if it means bending decades old prejudices ooc. Those prejudices will always make people quietly vanish, and one day we'll be right back where we were this time last year. Wondering where all the old players went and why the RP is gone.

            My only hope from what i'm tryin to say? TLDNR quote:

            Peace and love maaan. Lets make it good for folks to stay and pay.