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    Hello everyone!

    So during the last community meeting, an idea was presented about a possible “shareable calendar” where players could post events, making it easier to track what’s happening when. We spent time looking for the best way to keep things as much in the CM/Skotos website, while trying to make that happen and we landed on sticking a link to a Public Google Calendar that can be updated by you as players. We will also be embedding the calendar on TWiki on a page yet to be determined. The link for the calendar can be found right…


    For now this is the best workaround we have to make monitoring events a bit easier for the people who would prefer not to comb through the forums or can’t get something stickied. I want to stress that this is completely optional so if you prefer to stick to the old methods, you’re more than welcome to, but we also want to accommodate as many people as possible and try to get more people to more events. The IC Chambers calendar will also continue to be used because it serves an IC function. We will ask, however that you try to use it for the first month of the year so we can get a proper idea on how well it’s working, and we’ll go from there.

    So, with that being said, if you are interested in being given access to make posts on this calendar, all you need to do provide (or create) a gmail account by sending an email to I would recommend creating a gmail specifically for your character, if you don’t already have one, otherwise your posts will show up under YOUR name, rather than your character. Anyone can view the calendar without having to sign in, but if you would like to make changes or additions, you will need to request access.

    ADDITION: We'd like to clarify that this is primarily for things like regular crafting bells, small events or impromptu/day-of events. All large events as well as room reservations are expected to still go through the Chambers as this is still a game focused on try to still do that

    Happy Gaming!
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