Hello everyone!

We as staff have another project we’re working on and it involves participation from you all as players! We are hoping to add some more recent and relevant “memories” to the visions that most Newly Awoken or Awakeners see when examining the stones! What we would like from you all is to use the @dream command to submit some of your favorite or significant memories from CM (preferably, but not limited to the last 5 or so years).

And now for some stipulations regarding the @dream command:

1. Memories cannot be from BEFORE Castle Marrach
2. They must be a memory of a REAL event the character submitting witnessed. Ideally from third person, but if it’s easier to write it from first person, those are accepted too!
3. Please stray away from “private romantic” memories, or any memories that may have major OOC Crossover implications

Below are some examples of the proper formatting:

Example 1:
“You see the Outer Bailey courtyard, littered with broken stone and injured guests. Corporal Eeva stands on the high landing shouting orders to the militia members as a giant wyvern lands in the middle of the courtyard. In an instant the denizens are upon it slaying the creature. Suddenly a second wyvern swoops down upon them, snatching the corpse of the other wyvern in its talons and throwing it back at the people below, nearly crushing Angron.”

Example 2:
Gazing closely at the stone you see a tiny, slight fairy carrying a dangerously glowing crystal dagger. She spots Mena and imperiously points, apparently saying something you cannot hear. Maddened for some reason, she levels her dagger and a bolt of light strikes Mena, wounding her. With the flash of light, the image dissipates into the stone.

If you want to include several names and would like it to be random you can follow the below example, or let us know when you submit and we can get the proper wording set up.

Example 3:
Looking deeply into the stone a vision manifests before your eyes. You see before you the Hospital and {Doctor Destini|Doctor Diana|Doctor Mielyr|Apprentice Severin|Apprentice Aloria|Doctor Kyle} carefully treating a patient.

Please don't be discouraged if you don't see yours right away, as we'll be adding them to the pre-existing memories, so there will be a lot for the stones to randomly choose from. As always, Happy Gaming!