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    I hated the senior triad. Not the people but the concept. Maybe I'm not the type of player who gets on well with others in leadership but in my experience, the senior triad consisted of one, maybe two, people pulling in tandem while the other(s) just loafed about.

    I also think triads in general were bad for the duellists because it created factions and cliques within the guild.

    But it what really killed the duellists were a bunch of people who dgaf.



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      Originally posted by Cephaea View Post
      I hated the senior triad. Not the people but the concept. Maybe I'm not the type of player who gets on well with others in leadership but in my experience, the senior triad consisted of one, maybe two, people pulling in tandem while the other(s) just loafed about.

      I also think triads in general were bad for the duellists because it created factions and cliques within the guild.

      But it what really killed the duellists were a bunch of people who dgaf.

      1. You're not, no. No offense, but not being the boss isn't your strong suit.
      2. That's a player problem, not a set up problem.
      3. Yes, they did. That was the IC reasoning, looking at the schisms over time with Triads.

      Nothing works if a couple of people do all the work and the rest don't bother. It burns out those who are doing the work x 100.
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        I think it's more that I'm not a good sharing cooperative sort. I've usually done fine enough when I've not had to share!


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          Okay as I have a crafter character there's a few things I'm going to touch on in regards to this:

          1. All crafters should be explaining why x was done instead of y. Did the material being requested run out and they didn't want the one it was for to have to wait? Was it just too time consuming? Could they not find a willing hand and they couldn't do it themselves? Whatever it is they need to be communicating if they aren't then their superior can be informed ICly actually.

          2. Just because you can alter all these details on a garment doesn't mean you should. Look at what your character is bound to draw attention to is it sleeves, the trim? Also unless it's a different colour or material than the rest of the garment it's not going to show up unless the specific detail of the garment is l'ed in my experience that's not done all that often. Sitting there altering every last detail on every single garment is actually pretty time consuming, and can lead to more mistakes being made as well.

          3. If you have the coin you can go through the treasury for most if not all for crafting things and even custom items. The down side to this is it puts more on staff.


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            1. This has been overhaul to Teaching, but I think we all want to ensure we continue to update our skills/actions over time.

            2. This requires monitoring that no one really has time to devote to. The reward is probably in the RP there. That's what CM is about.

            3. What exactly are you wanting with Embinding? It's the least overhauled, because it's kind of the least paid attention to. People get their books, maybe they write in them, maybe not, and then they sit in pouches, trunks, shelves and aren't really utilized. No one wears books like they would an outfit.

            4. Courts are on the plate. They're sparse because we try to have enough content to cover and address and bring to the players, and give characters chances to step up and be able to be recognized for promotions.

            5. We were going to overhaul the rooms at one point, but it wound up not being implemented for one reason or another. That being said, Vasilisa's player made a good point: "Leave guest rooms as they are. We're commoners and our rooms are already too fancy. If you want more storage, seek the carpenters. Want heat, get sponsored for a bed warmer. There are ways to get everything they said above me without changing the rooms. This is to encourage people to get some favor or rank, which is part of what the game is built on. Even Vasi has favor and she's a foul mouthed brute."

            The colored guest rooms are about as good as it's going to get for a commoner. Alterations can be gained via favor or StPs.

            6. There's plenty of men's garments (and hairstyles). I feel like, maybe you just don't realize what are men's styles? I don't mean that condescendingly, but I've looked through it, and there's plenty. That being said, if you think of more, period approrpiate ones, they can be submitted ICly to the according guilds or purchased with StPs. (1/3rd of the styles can be used for men, without them getting poncy. More if they want to be extra.)

            7. I think they're working on PB.

            8. Mailing lists are out of our hands, kind of. Unfortunately.

            9. The Knights/Squires Challenge is on the plate.

            10. Faith-Based Plots will come in time.

            11. There are a good deal of spells. More can be submitted. Unfortunately, a lot of what I see is extremely difficult code wise or out of range for PC sorcerers. We are working on overhauling requirements and it's on my to-do list to go through the spells queue.

            12. The parser has been extensively updated and is undergoing updates regularly as Staff can get to it. We cannot add more verbs, but changes and adverbs are a go.

            13. It pretty much is every 24 hours from when you get your lesson. However, just a straight up midnight-to-midnight might be doable. That's a Code issue and I'm not a Coder.

            14. Map updates will be exceptionally time consuming, but we do it gradually as we release new areas, and it is something we want to do.

            15. I'm so glad those sculptures only last 2 days.

            16. We try to make as many plots/events all inclusive, but sometimes it's very hard to cater to literally everyone at one time. We do our best for the majority of the plots to have various layers or outcomes where people of all interests can interact and engage though.

            17. We have a fortepiano IC. 2, actually.

            18. There are ways to make coin, but the idea of 'quest' type scenarios is not bad and we are bumping around similar ideas.

            19. HGs typically move in with Nobles and get a 2 bedroom suite. We likely will not have an exclusive HG room.

            20. We try to do Ali once a year, but he usually requires a great deal of coding, because people always expect bigger and better. He's likely slated for later this year though.

            21. We can throw axes.

            22. We can throw snowballs.

            23. By deciding to stay in the OB or at a lower rank, you maintain your character 'in the thick of it'. Most plots will centralize around the OB, because that's the biggest population. Likewise, OB-based characters are more easily/readily able to remain in groups and guilds. We would be open for ideas on what you mean or see as incentive to remain in the Outer.

            I'm good for some more OB danger levels. The issues we run into with that is it requires players willing to sacrifice time/characters to bring forth conflict, and a lot of people aren't willing to do that. That, and it can be hard to get people to react to conflict ICly and OOCly keep it civil. We've tried to address this, but it's going to have to be a player base change and understanding.

            24. Not against shops, but maybe not in our current setup/location. Seems more like an outside the Castle ordeal.

            25. Not against the idea of secret exploration tunnels, either. It's something to look into and think on.
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              26. The Royals/Nobles stay IB for societal reasons. I used to feel there should be more interaction with Royalty as well, but I realized while playing some high ranking VPs that the more exposure they have to others, the less impact they have. It becomes a fine line with to maintain the atmosphere of rank.

              That being said, there is still a lot of opportunity for it to occur. The mid-bridge is often utilized, but also, the servants of Royals/Nobles have a responsibility to upsell people they favor to their lieges and get them exposure.

              27. Lingering scents would be nice. We had a lot of diffculties with fragrances though.

              28. VPs. I would need an entire new post to address VPs. I'll summarize if I can.

              VPs (more approrpiately, VCs) are place holders and enablers. In many cases, we no longer need VCs, because there are PCs there to fill the roles. VCs who add flavor to the game are/were cast, but oft times it is more of a chore because people are very much for VCs until they get one and realize that staff does not feed them plot/story/hand hold constantly. There's no time. If we have to play the character for the Veteran Players, then we don't need the Veteran Players.

              A VP is given a VC (player/character) sheet. These sheets have basic knowledge, basic goals, basic characer traits, a personality, etc. Then they are given a directive. Unfortunately, some are harder to follow than others, as they rely on other players to aid in the execution of these goals.

              You may often find if your character asks a VC questions about the history of the keep, the good old days, inquires about treasonous or sensitive topics, how to beat X or Y, they won't give a direct answer. That's because they're not supposed to. They can give some information, but a lot of it is there for the PLAYERS to figure out. VCs are not there to answer every question, give grandmaster skills, be a deus ex machina for plots, or even entertain entire rooms on their own. They are facilitators.

              For the most part, right now, the PCs have things handled, and the VCs come out as needed. However, if there are any particular VCs you wish to see around, place a list here and let me know what role you think they need to fill that a PC can't or won't. Likewise, if you want, apply for a VC. This doesn't mean you'll get it, a lot of factors go into casting one, and they have to, because casting a VC can be a great deal of work with little yield from the applicants. This is why focus is often put on other aspects of the game.

              This is something we're working with the Plotters on to find a less time consuming way of handling, without taking away from the PCs by filling roles with NPCs.

              29. We've looked into healing, and it's definitely something we want to revamp, too, but there's been complications. (Surprise.) It's on the list, though.

              30. Eyeshadow is all right, but I will have an SB look into ways to make it more visible without being spamtastic.

              31. Freemoting has been determined to be one of those things we simply cannot have right now. I think it would be lovely, but I also think that until we can confidently not have to nail things like bonfires and blood puddles down for fear they'll be taken, not have to remind people that full length swords don't go in pouches, to pay attention to proximity when entering into conflict scenes, etc it is more prudent to constrain that aspect for the time being.

              I woudl like to eventually explore the option one day.

              32. Not a terrible idea. We can put NPC teachers (to a small degree) on the list, I think.

              33. I think we have an unarmed skill, but I'm not 100% sure.

              34. Triads are an IC thing.

              35. Free-form anything would be nice. I've assisted for it before, but then I see the items that let you choose colors and stones, and find that people abuse even those things and they look like badly crafted items or I see questionably handled snow sculptures that follow no rhyme or reason. I feel like the quality control of free form might have an overall negative impact once it gets around to enough hands. At least insofar as the game items look.

              That being said, it's not off the table, there are just some things we need to see.

              36. Life/Creationary magic is probably some of the rarest kind, which is why it's not seen. However, every single character is brought back to life via magic. So there is that. That being said, noted. We may or may not have some things that can qualify in the future.

              37. We're working on it. Considering that up until very recently "seasonal conflict" was actually not slated to go anywhere short of being a "hook" to get people talking, we're making good progress. That being said, people are going to need to be ready to actually enter into conflict scenarios. It probably won't be pretty, but it will need proactive players, willing to work together and play nice OOC to create stories as it goes along.

              38. There's plenty of support for non-tea sipping events. PCs are more than capable of doing these things. This does not, and should not, fall on Staff to provide at this juncture in the game.

              39. The promotion of class split is entirely dependant on PCs, with support from VCs, and there are VCs who will support this. I don't think players realize how much they influence and control the 'theme' of the game. It is as lax as it is now because of players. It can tighten up again because of players, too. The characters/players just have to be willing to endure the backlash, because there will be backlash IC (and maybe even OOC).
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                40. The temporary VP program has thus far been a flop insofar as having to handhold them when cast and them not following directives or being unsure of how to follow them, because most people are not comfortable with conflict scenarios or scenes, and all Victim/Villain characters will find themselves in these scenes at some point. A lot of the same issues with full VCs is encountered with temporary ones. However, the SP team will revisit this shortly and try to find a better way to handle this that will not require constant attention.

                41. I agree about revamping Storypoints. Some of that is out of our hands though.

                42. We have been trying, desperately, to increase UB motivation. That would be another 10 page thread. That being said, it's still being worked on, with some ideas being batted around.

                43. Challenges are often met with silence. At one point, we had plenty, but the rate of participation was abysmal and it was an overall depressing scenario. However, I encourage our current VCs and PCs alike to engage in crafting challenges, and we're really kind of at a limit for 'new' crafting things at present. All of these new systems will take time and there are a lot of new or overhauls being asked for.

                You can't really toss a template for code to players. The current code system isn't a lot of {word|word} or karmode issues. It's code that has to be learned and tweaked, and debugged.

                However, it is something we'd enjoy, a more versatile, indepth crafting. We do need to be mindful of time (coding) and theme, though. Kurzon can give a better, more comprehensive reply to these things that require a vast amount of code, but we do want CM to be more indepth in that way. It will just require time and patience from the players as we get there.

                44. I cannot comment over much on the combat standards, except that the combat systems undergo overhauls as the players find issues and find better ways to utilize it.

                45. Re-imagining the IB/OB rank dynamic. I touched this briefly earlier, but it was a little more general than Elesin's P's observations. Let me get back on this. These topics are ones I enjoy open dialogue on and a list response won't do much justice for it.

                46. An IB gnome merchant may appear once some IC circumstances arrive (IE: A more distinct split of classes. At the moment, pretty much everyone can get to the IB so he's not very important or exclusive.) The items on rotation is a good idea and something I had been kicking around doing on my PC in another area and I THINK the Clothiers had done it at one point.

                47. Characters with weapon specializations can train those without it, I believe.

                48. The Faith/Spiritualism emphasis will need to be pushed by Players for the most part. The ideas, props, PCs, plot even (Hello Seeker Vivienne) are there. Grab it.

                49. More than tea socials, is again, player driven. However, VCs like Lord Bernier, Sicard when/if he's recast, Mirshan, and so forth can push for less tea parties. In fact, they should. That being said, there's plenty of PCs who can do this. Be the change you want to see.

                50. We try our hardest to spread the plot love.

                51. Our LSB is currently working on fleshing out the NPCs to make them more interactive and interesting.

                52. Rumormongering NPCs is something I want, too. Hopefully, with LSB Blerd's revamp, we can have this.

                53. Draft up an email to me about these embinding changes. I struggle to see the importance in putting a lot of time into things that ultimately go unused after the first couple of read throughs, but I'm open to the ideas.

                54. I believe adventure zones are in the works, but I can't say more than that without spoiler alerts.

                That being said, the Under Bailey is there. The fact there are already players there means nothing more than RP opportunities. Those of you who want to adventure seek, cowboy up. It's not always going to be legal or socially acceptable. You either take a risk and get some RP or you don't. Destroying the Conclave would do nothing for the current social view of entering the Under Bailey, so you can engage those players and that world as it is, and maybe bring some RP to the Castle or hope it's a lifeless zone filled with NPCs.

                I'm all for adventure and Indiana Jones-Style things, but they'll pretty much always have other players involved one way or the other.

                55. Addressed every preposition already.

                56. We're definitely not redoing the infirmary again anytime soon. The current Infirmary in the OB used to be the WW office and was revamped not very long ago and the Healers just got a brand new IB teaching hospital. Sorry!

                57. I don't want another gong to interrupt RP through the whole castle. I find it very jarring between that and the war horn. Maybe we can find another alternative to notifications.

                58. I think, while practical IC, a warning alarm for criminal/bad activity would detract story wise from some potential intrigue and shady activities. It's difficult as it is to promote and encourage people to play 'bad guys', but it would be even worse if they felt like anyone could just notify the Castle at a moments notice (a lot of people wouldn't RP the scene, but run off and ring the alarm bell).

                59. It'd be time consuming, but a lot of items work with everything or things currently. We try to catch those as they come in.

                60. Twiki. Ha. It functions fine, to be honest, for the game's needs. It's just a matter of bothering with it. Not saying I'm against updates, but it's not a terrible system for what we've got going on.

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                  61. Fortunately, we live in a society run by a Queen and primarily full of females. I think Patriarchy has fallen.

                  62. Please resend the IB gnome proposal.

                  63. We're effectively dabbling in currency and that's not bad, but for the most part, everything essential is provided until QV says "Eff it"

                  64. Diggin a new tunnel would require on hand builders, but we're not against more adventure type of things. I know Kurzon has been working on implementing various nodes for harvesting/mining. (See: Plants and Magical Tears already seen IC.)

                  I like the ideas for the cave collapse and so forth. We'll put it on the books!

                  65. Fightable practice dummies is definitely on our wishlist. Perhaps once Blerd gets more familiar with the new NPC layout we can look into that more strongly.

                  66. Player driven plots are always a plus.

                  67. Wish granted! The current VCs are not held between 1 or 2 staff people. Phew. Glad we got that covered so fast.

                  68. That's a player thing. We can't force these players to be on, but they can be ousted IC. If it's a VC that needs to be on, if enough complaints come in OOC about it, we can recast that VC! Let us know. We always welcome VC feedback. It can be sent to with the e-mail title: VETERAN CHARACTER FEEDBACK - NAME.

                  69. The separation is easily navigated IC, but most people see a sepration and assume the worst case scenario. I touched on it in another thread, but I may reopen the issue in another post about handling the IB/OB split.

                  70. Again, in most Staff run plots we do our best to involve as many people in as many venues as possible.

                  71. Unsure what you mean by nepotistic issues. If you're claiming OOC favoritism, please know that that can only be handled if e-mails are sent and assists are filed. 9 out of 10 times they're not and we can't act on it as Staff. You may send these concerns to SH Kurzon, SG Samael, myself, or another SG if you feel the need to. General accusations and concerns are not good, as we can't work with general lumping. So, if there are issues you see, please let us know with detail. If you're (general you) unwilling to follow through with the requirements we need to handle these perceived issues, then please don't be upset if you think you see it.

                  72. Public beheadings may happen or may not. Not this season, most likely.

                  73. Yes. IC intrigue is often lost due to OOC chatter. It may not even be malicious, just excited discussion about ongoing stroylines, but it almost alwyas color IC responses. It's the exact reason I avoid discord and have as few people not on staff on my messengers as possible.

                  74. Those are fine if it creates IC RP. Know-It-Alls become detrimental when they think they understand what's going on OOC and put forth rumors/conspiracies and such without actual knowledge.

                  75. Sorry. There's only 10 skill levels right now. That's something we want to look into and upgrade, too, but for now, people will need to be content with Sen Art being the cap for martial skills (the basics), and work to gain favor/rank to upgrade to Masters (which is the PC cap for the most part right now).

                  No idea what the badge comment means, but I'm not really going to buy into that being a goal. There's a lot more goals than that, if you feel up to looking for them.

                  76. That'd be nice, but that's a player issue that Staff can't help with much. We've tried.

                  77. If crafters are augmenting orders regularly, engage that IC.

                  Who can I talk to to fix it?

                  These things generate RP.

                  If X sends Meoris back the wrong order.
                  Meoris writes X.
                  Meoris gets 0 back.
                  Meoris goes to Boreas.
                  Boreas sends some muscle to make the inquiry.
                  Inquiry gets answered one way or the other.

                  A bit of a drastic jump, but it's one way to go about that.

                  Irene's P said:

                  Speaking as someone who plays a crafter, this is part of what guidelines are and the theme of crafting in this time period/social atmosphere. For instance, if you order an undershirt made of rat fur, you can bet the clothiers are going to balk at the choices. They likely take pride in their work, as an artisan should.

                  Yes, that is part of it. There should be communication and discussion. That's part of the RP of playing a crafter.


                  78. I think I touched on most stuff without getting into the player exchanges. It's just a quick glance over the things brought up. So, please don't freak if it's a little underwhelming.

                  Off to work!
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                  Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
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                    I would ask for some sort of limits on how many careers (maybe even skills) characters can learn to high (maybe past JM) levels. But I'd like to see characters only allowed to surpass PAST Journeyman in one career path (combat, crafting, sorcery, etc). To have current chars who've mastered combat AND multiple crafts ... I think it reduces the opportunities available to other chars. Then again, there are lots of players who've chosen to do this with their characters, so perhaps I'm in the minority. Just think we need to reel in some unrealistic accomplishments of the do-it-all characters.


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                      I would love to hear from some of those returning players who were woo'ed back - any thoughts they might have, particularly because I'm seeing their participation wane again, after the Yule Festival....thoughts?


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                        In-game announcements might be useful, though making it into a system that requires a PC Herald to be online, or something, might be a little better than having some automated or any-player-triggered message. Maybe a Herald can approve a message, and servants may occasionally repeat it when in the presence of a PC. Perhaps announcements can only be done from courtyards and heard in certain areas and not in others, or only as a 'you hear the muffled sounds of an announcement', which might even prompt people to get up and ask around as to what is going on. And maybe even as a channel that can be turned off, if you'd really rather just not.

                        I always liked the idea of the Victim Character program, though it always seemed like something of a poor risk vs reward scenario. I'm certain that Staff might be willing to work with a player with making a new character with a nifty perk or something, but it seemed like it should almost be a semi-advertised sort of reward system. I mean, we can't be handing out rewards for every character that dies in the course of a plot of course, but if one character is -truly- in an unrecoverable Victim role, then perhaps they can be given some additional leeway in the course of establishing a new character, perhaps similar to several of the storypoint starting options with a little extra wiggle room for being such a team player. I'm certain it would be difficult to nail down ANY sort of defining system, but something that at least gives a rough outline of how far Staff might be willing to go depending on how far a Victim Character ends up going might help stir up more interest.
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                          A way for characters that are to new to upskill to train weapons such as one handed and two handed swords. Duel 2.0 works find, but then mcombat rolls around, and the options are thrust, cut, punch, kick. Not even a cleave or lunge available. It can be entertaining in the training sessions, but in real mcombat it's frustrating.
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                            Originally posted by BigRedV View Post
                            A way to announce open bells and stuff through the castle. It kills me when I plan stuff but some don't know because they haven't read the boards and then the practice or lecture hall rings and takes any chance of me getting attendees.
                            Boy, if only we had pages, or -- gasp! -- heralds who ran from room to room saying things like "Lady Amoret is holding a tea in the Inner Bailey dining room, presently!"

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                              Originally posted by Aloria View Post
                              A generalized bell <alarm> in the outer - maybe in the main hall or dining hall that someone can use should they not have a healer's whistle or duckcall.
                              It can be rung once for the law and twice for the healers and whomever is wearing the appropriate pin can hear the call- like blowing the duckcall or whistle. It can maybe even be rung 3 times for an all out alarm across the castle (for attacks etc).

                              Gareth has ICly suggested using the horn in the practice room or the gong in the Lecture Hall to "sound the general alarum." Like, what if you just keep blowing it or banging on it? Someone should show up, if for no other reason than to complain for you to shut up, right?

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                                Originally posted by Euphelia View Post
                                I wanted to touch on my abhorrence of combat zones again, in more detail, now that I've examined my knee-jerk ICK NO reaction. I played the Eternal City for years, both before it came to Skotos and after, and I played a non-combatant character. This meant I never got to do anything. My friends would go on hunting trips and I couldn't. I'm worried that if you create combat zones in Marrach, this sort of divide will appear again -- combatants will go 'have all the fun' while non-combatants are left behind.
                                I'd be far more interested in "gathering zones" -- like, flowers in a garden, or herbs, or fruit and nuts. Where anyone can come in and pluck something.

                                In trips to the Under Bailey, people came back with bits of actual moss and plants and dirt. Folk were like, "Wow. Actual growing green stuff. From beyond!"

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