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    Originally posted by Erstwhile View Post

    Okay I just had to really quick ask, how did you EVER start playing this SOCIAL ROLE-PLAYING GAME in the first place?

    Here's some select quotes direct from the CM homepage:

    "Castle Marrach is a game of roleplaying, socialization, and storytelling."
    "Within the game you will be able to socialize with hundreds of other characters, each playing their own role within the Castle." (lol "hundreds". Yeah right. They wish.)

    Also, in response to Charmiam/Ennah - There's really nothing to do in OB when no one's online, either...? Like, as I just pointed out, this is a social game. You need other people in order to do anything in CM.
    I think what people are not interested in is the millionth scene in which the following plays out: "What a lovely tea. But shame about the snowstorm." "Yes, quite. Terrible storm." "Pass a crumpet, would you? Thank you my dear." "What are you going to do after this?" "Oh, probably go back to my room." "Yes, I probably will too."

    What people want is more true plot. Plotty-plot. Intrigue. Factions. And not just "This villain faction has an uber-elite death squad of bosses with an endless supply of mooks, so you are all mere potential victims living day-by-day at their whims."

    Heretofore, when I've tried to engage VP characters on, say, a murder plot that was all part of the backstory, all I'd get was Lady Amoret saying things like, "Oh, he was such a nice man. He liked fruits. Apples, particularly."

    I mean, that's practically word-for-word all that I was given by half the Inner Bailey.

    That's not intrigue. That's a stubbed out half-written dead-end storyline.

    Socialization, therefore, in the service of plot, has to be more than just having a social event. I don't want every tea social to turn into yet-another-Amoret-is-held-at-knifepoint scene (because they get old too). I don't want the Triangle to show up at every social. But there has to be some story that's more than just "a sewing circle social" to make an online sewing circle more interesting than actually, like, going to a real-life sewing circle. Where, eventually, you'd actually end up with some sewn object. Pick your narrative: intrigue, romance, politics, history. But if it is just a sewing circle, or a gardening lecture, you can actually do that in real life in a far more engaging and satisfying way.

    Also, oppositely, don't make the game feel like a "second day job." There needs to be a serious amount of administrivia removed from the game, or people will just get tired of the burden. (q.v., @Adahn.) But that's a different rant.
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      Originally posted by Ennah View Post

      I wholeheartedly agree, you need other players to do anything in CM -- that's the whole point of the game.

      What I'm proposing is something that would engage players when no one else is around to encourage them to stay logged in longer, to increase the changes of being there when other players finally do log in.
      You need a "fishing hole" or village water pump for folks to gather around. A place and a reason to congregate.

      Sadly, the Inner Bailey is the "courier station." People check for scrolls, then log.

      The OB courtyard is too "IC stormy / OOC spammy" for people to linger long.

      The chess game in the refectory, and the darts, aren't enough of a draw as they were when they were first introduced.

      I do like @Ennah's suggestion of something you can do on your own that adds into some collective work, and have suggested things like it before. e.g.,
      • A 'group prayer' project -- pray for the health of Bertram -- have folks gather and @pray at the altar, and contribute their hours to his good health. Or whatever the 'prayer-of-the-month' is.
      • 'Disposing of the hydra corpse.' -- have a few fixed-on-site props, like axes, saws ice picks, a wheel barrow and a boiling vat to 'render down' the hydra into fats and oils. Start a timer with some sort of monitor against idleness. Given that the monster is the size of two elephants -- 13 tons (26,000 pounds), basically, that would be 520 wheelbarrow loads of 50-pound chunks of hydra crap to boil down. If the RP of a chunk disposal is a 3-minute task, you're talking 26 hours of roleplaying, with people huffing and puffing and working in shifts to get 'er done.
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      ~ For Honour! For Glory!
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        Completely unrelated to recent events, that death doesn't remove neither scars nor tattoos.

        A chance for bruises to occur during spars with rebates, specially (or only?) when the finishing blow is a signature move like a cleave or lunge. Negated by armor.


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          Probably should have just submitted these as @ideas but...

          forum - Opens up in a new window like the SkyReader the Forums. Could be the Marrach whole page one and saves keeping the tab open
          @icforum - Like above, but just the IC bulletin board.
          @twiki - Opens Twiki homepage

          Little things that make it easier on the number of tabs I end up open while RPing (Currently have 13 open - although 9 of them are clothing related) but would also help newer players who might not know the Forum's and the Twiki exist. I know I didn't at first and that's why I have a silly TwikiName.

          Originally posted by SeraRogra View Post
          I would love to hear from some of those returning players who were woo'ed back - any thoughts they might have, particularly because I'm seeing their participation wane again, after the Yule Festival....thoughts?
          Also this - briefly touches on a topic I started in the Discord chat a while ago and then promptly dumped as I was getting off a train.
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            I'm not speaking for myself only, because other players have expressed that opinion OOCly in game, or on the Discord chat, but having the IB characters being ICly discouraged recently from participating into castle-wide events like the Fire Festival (which is a type of event that was previously suggested on this thread by Gareth's player) kinda put a damper on the enjoyment some players had about them and, sadly, the game itself.

            I get the whole separation of the baileys thing, which is fine for the regular, every day things. You don't need the entire court to attend poetry bells in the refectory, or duelist practices, or language lectures, and so on, just like you don't also need all the commoners with IB access and HGs to attend every single IB function.

            But touting events like these as being for everyone, or implying so by advertising them on Facebook and such, and then having them only take place in the OB, with no options for doing something for them in the IB, is blah. Especially when you consider that about half of the current, active characters are from the Inner, and not every member of our already small playerbase has the time and/or motivation to play Outer-based alts.

            You'd either expect some IC leniency for these things when they happen, so everyone can participate without incurring someone's wrath over courtiers mingling with commoners, or give people the option to participate without needing to cross the bridge so no one feels like they're missing on the fun, or at least stop advertising them as castle-wide events from the start. Can we start doing that in 2018? Please?
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              The Staff or VPs have never forbidden people of rank from enjoying the Fire Festival.

              However, the PCs are using it as an excuse IC to be there all the time. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You want a nice title and silks? Try not to go pouncing on flaming rodents or mucking about in junk piles to such an extent that the whole IB knows you're doing it. There's plenty of other things Fire Fest wise to do. It's moderation. The only time it makes the VP circuit is when it's a constant or when the Courtier, Knight or Noble brags about it or acts super proud of themselves for breaking social rules. They're kind of asking for the stink eye int hat case. Even then, do you know how hard it is for any actual consequences to befall any character who has ignored these things from the VP side of it?

              A courtier plus can make some commoner go rodent catch or junk dive and give you their coins, make some armed commoner escort you if you need it. If you're an armed equerry or knight, escort dainty courtiers and nobles to go flower dig or shoot crossbows and then you know what, go back mid bridge or IB afterwards. Maybe invite some of those OBers to the mid bridge. Give them more RP with someone of rank. Find little minions. Make connections.

              So, again...

              There's no discouragement about involving your characters in this.

              There is discouragement about digging in junk piles when you're courtier plus for hours or going to the OB 8 times a day or for half the day, etc.

              Sorry, people always twist that crap about going to the OB and how it ruins their enjoyment and I'm so sick of it. It's bull. They hear part of a suggestion and it turns into a ruin on their whole enjoyment of the game.

              Get an escort.
              Realize you CAN go to the OB, but not LIVE THERE as courtier+.
              You can't wake up and run OB side and play with your commoner friends as a courtier, Knight, noble and get CAUGHT constantly. See caps for emphasis.
              You can't do that crap day in and day out and not expect IC eyeballs as a Court member. I'm sorry.

              If you get IB/OB separation then don't fall victim to this. Tell them what it actually means and how they can ICly accomplish what they want to do. No one is getting beaten, banned, demoted, and such for enjoying the festival.

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                I do not know if it has been mentioned in the forums, but people have been asking Taite about masonry and making sculptures out of wood and stone as well as pottery and such items. Over half of the tools that I am trying to gather' for my snow sculptures can also be used to carve wood and stone. I am not saying fill everyone's rooms with sculptures, but the know-how to create such items when needed would be helpful. I would totally be willing to do this!
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                  *mid-year bump*

                  I know some where answered or resolved in a few posts from Odjit - some seemed to have actions attributed to them for progression going forward. Been a little while since we last had a 'Update on Plot Progress' type post but was wondering...

                  How is the progress going on some of the above items that were pulled out as potential options going forward?

                  Also curious a bit more about this one:

                  8. Mailing lists are out of our hands, kind of. Unfortunately.

                  Was wondering about that so checked out the listserve site and it seems to point completely towards it being Marrach administrated. Though more concerning was the lack of a privacy policy on listserve or the various programs that power it. With GDPR protecting EU citizens personal data, I don't know where that is stored as an EU Citizen, their arrangements with personal data (this case an email address) nor would I would contact to receive a copy of all that. Guess, long post made short - perhaps the Mailing lists need to change asap.
                  "In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia."

                  "Although many of us consider ourselves forward-thinkers, we still cling tenaciously to the old values of the system."

                  "Between two groups of people who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, I see no remedy but force"


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                    Progress on a Court would be rather nice, and the plots that seem to be on hold.

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                    • What about something being done about the Inner Bailey. There is little to no Socializing there. Everytime you do something to socialize either you get no responds or not enough of one. I think it should be opened up more on the allowing at least more Outer Bailey visits. If you want the Inner Bailey more active then put things over there for them to do as well. They brought in the harvesting as a plot but also to give people something to do when there seems nothing else to do. But then do not put anything over in the Inner Bailey for those over here to do. You place IC laws and rules that those living int he Inner Bailey must stay there, but then do not give us a way to have something to do. Instead we are told....oh have impromptu socials and such. You try to do that but when there is a limited player base that wont even bring their IB characters out it makes it real hard to have things like that. So something needs to be done about this. I mean you can instill rules and laws but it ends up a case of people abandoning their IB characters to make OB characters and starting over again. Don't let the IB be the last stop for your characters. But again when you cage people in there and tell them if they do not stay there they will lose all they worked for, but then do not give characters that like to work that like to have something to do, something to do, you end up with unhappy players. It makes no sense.
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                      • More rumors!!

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