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  • ATTN: Healers

    Some of you may have already noticed that a number of the tools and salves bear more detailed descriptors upon examining them. These descriptors are based on your healer skill, and as of right now they are static (example: Tool A has a normal exam, but if you have healer 4 or higher [fellowcraft] you may see additional details on the tool.)

    If you see something that you feel could be tweaked or have further suggestions, feel free to file an @assist or @idea and use ATTN: Yuuta, or email me at

    This is just a small descriptive tweak that does not effect any gameplay, and merely meant for additional flavor text for roleplay purposes. Obviously, I am not perfect and I can (and often do) typo a bit, so please let me know if something is off.
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    -StoryPlotter Yuuta