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  • Absense from game

    To all who regularly interact with Rhomulus I would like to apologize. You may have noticed my sparsity over the last month or so. I injured myself and could barely bring myself to log in. Due to this injuring not healing properly and doctors orders I will be unable to play for the next couple of weeks at least. (That is unless I try to sneak it in somehow) If I do happen to log in do know I may be a little slow or may have my speech riddled with typos. If you need anything in particular send me a private message, if I sense it is dire enough I may log in for a short time to take care of it. Thanks for understanding.

    Anthony (Rhom's player)
    Rhomulus Sauvage
    *Member of the Duelists Society*
    *Unity Masque*Horrible Poet*
    *LPA Teacher*Awakener*

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    Thinking of you! *hugs* Take your time and we will be here - unless orges eat us.