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  • Writing books for Skywriter

    When writing books in-game, is it recommended to write with the intention that it will be read via @readall?

    The reason I ask is because that makes the difference between using HTML to do fancy formatting or just keeping it plain. Personally, I love to spruce up the layout of a page with alignment, indentation, bold, italics, etc., but I am aware that simply reading a page in the browser shows all HTML code in all its hideous glory. This makes it especially wonky when you 'look' at a book and see its title like: <center><i>Emerick's guide to<p>not being a dumb idiot</i></center>.

    What are the in-game library guidelines? What are people's preferences?
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    I am definitely against using HTML in book writing. Not everyone can use skywriter (it's rare, but true) and it can play havoc when trying to copy books, in my experience

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      Having copied every book in the Outer Bailey Library I can say with certainty simple is preferred over @readall/html. It doesn't copy over well into the files and I have to manually edit it all out so that the books can be easy copied in the future.