Downtime Report: Wednesday Night

We had an abrupt and unannounced downtime for all games and services starting sometime after 9pm PT on Wednesday evening. This was due to a massive power outage at our cloud computing facility of the sort that redundant systems are supposed to ensure never happen. After about an hour they were able to diagnose that the power was out. It took a few more hours for them to start restoring service.

At this moment, everything is back up except for Ironclaw and TEC. At the rate they're restoring things, I hope those will be back up in the next 15-30 minutes, but it's entirely in their hands.

As is typically the case with a sudden reboot, TEC and GR have to be rolled back. This is already done with GR. The TEC rollback should be just a few hours due to the more recent backups recently instituted, but I need to get the machine back before I can verify that.

Update: Ironclaw and TEC are now back too. The TEC rollback was 2.5 hours, from 9.30pm PT (when everything crashed) to 7.00 pm PT.
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I'm off...

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  • I'm off...

    Tremendous thanks to Adeline's player for reminding me why I left this game in the first place. Later, folks.

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    Best wishes wherever you venture, and I hope you will return at some point.

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      If you're leaving because a conflict of your own making did not end the way you wanted it to end, then I hope you find what you're looking for.

      ~ Adeline's Player

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        There's other games
        Madalina Blue and Saruno


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          -redacted- I decided that I didn't want to get into this.

          Yolanda, you bring colour to the game. You also bring conflict and that is no bad thing. I just wish you hadn't gone and done this, the way you did.
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            Yoyo... Talk to G ICly, if you can come back to the game. Or talk to me OOCly.
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