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  • Many thanks

    I wanted to write a quick note of appreciation to the many people who have helped Ardor Fest succeed, especially given that I broke my wrist literally hours before events were supposed to begin.

    To my fellow awakeners, Cai and Morgenstern, who have done a great deal of heavy lifting and helping, thank you.
    To the many crafters -- gardeners, clothiers, jewelers, cooks, embinders (and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!), thank you!
    To the player of Natasha, who generously helped me with a last second Anna is a dummy in a cast...thank you.
    To Erindrin's player, thank you for your beautiful help with Hearts and Crafts.
    To Adahn, who groaned at the Hearts and Crafts pun You make punning worth it <3
    To Isaria for hosting the IB tournament.
    And all of you for taking part.

    Ardor Fest is supposed to be about love. Not romance specifically, but love for the others we exist with here in Marrach. And in an OOC level, the festival is a bit of a love song to the game and the players who make it fun to play. We tried to mix it up so there was a bit of everything, for the martial-minded and the tea-sipping bacon nommers, too!

    So, TLDR, thank you, all of you, for taking part, for being patient with last-minute substitutions, panics, and changes.

    I mean, the parser and world is great, the staff is considerate, but without you, who'd play Marrach?