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Veteran Characters: Whatcha Need To Know!

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  • Veteran Characters: Whatcha Need To Know!

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I have finally been able to sit down and review the VCs and narrow it down to VCs that can serve some purpose to the game. Ideally, VPs are not to be used for every answer to every problem that the PCs encounter. So, what good are VPs?

    * VCs are there to guide PCs to roles they may be interested in

    For example:

    Lords Bernier & Sicard, Sir Gaudis and Sir Petris are all viable VCs to help guide PCs in a martial/chivalric path.

    Master Orson, Evayne, Caletus and Princess Maeve are all viable VCs to help guide PCs with a magical, mystical, alchemical and otherwordly paths and problems.

    Ladies Amoret & Berthe, Sir Launfal, Lord Sicard (again) are all viable VPs to help guide PCs on a non-martial, courtly path.

    * VCs are there to help PCs with intrigue, mystery, magical problems

    As you've seen already, and as was mentioned above, often VCs are old characters or powerful characters. They can be used to discuss and seek aid with mysteries and magical issues that the PCs come up against. This does NOT mean they are going to or even able to give you all the answers to every plot. I notice often that people will ask VCs very specific questions or a lot of them. It is not the VCs role to solve this. There's no fun in that for the PCs. You can't be the hero or villain if a VC is doing all the work for you. You can't spin your character's own story if a VC is constantly giving you the answers.

    * As of now, all VCs (short of Royals and Ministers) will be expected to put in at least 4 hours a week.

    This sounds like a lot, until you realize it takes Vivienne about 30 minutes to get dressed for her 1-2 hour audience bells. The small things accumulate quickly, and then the VCs don't get valuable face time with the PCs.

    It's important to understand that when applying for a VC you will not be given step-by-step directions. You will be handed a character, with some guidelines, some history, some goals. They are permitted to 1. be killed 2. kill 3. be demoted 4. be promoted. I don't have time to feed them ideas and directives all the time, so you need to be able to be proactive and inventive. However, not so much so you break character and we have to retire the VC prematurely.

    * VCs on the Current Roster

    Lord Sicard (Recently Cast): IB Knight-Lord, paragon of chivalry, martial mentor to Knights+, Battler Sponsor, etc.

    Lady Hieronyma (In Process): IB Lady, Royal Venefice, intrigue-based, Garden Society Sponsor.

    Sir Petris (Available): IB Knight (Stone), former-Corporal of the Watch, henchman of Winter, but Courtly (he can sing, he can dance, think refined Gaston!) The player of Petris will need to be familiar with the Winter Court and its ideals, the Knightly Virtues and the Capitularly. This is a potential conflict character.

    Sir Gaudis (Available): IB Knight (Petal), intrigue-based, flavor character. This player will need to be famliar with the Knightly Virtues. This is a potential conflict character.

    Trevayne (Available): OB Duelist, (alleged) paragon of virtue, a fighter for good, protector of the innocent, while being a bit on the morose side from time to time. This player will need to understand the Knightly Virtues, be familiar with the Code Duello, and be willing to enter into conflict scenarios.

    Cyril (Available): A degraced Knight thrown back into the Outer by Bertram himself. Cyril has an interest in the Battlers, and may have goals to regain his title and rise up from the ashes; or does he? This character can be a bit flat to play, but a good player can make that work. Must have a general idea of the Virtues, and the ability to enter into conflict (as well as wuss out of it).

    Victor (Available): A brutish thug with a hidden heart (and sword) of gold and defender of Her Majesty's Faith. Victor is a mystery to himself, and perhaps to others. A man with no memory of his before, but urged to remember the time of Sir Victor, he is prone to bouts of anger, likes sword fighting and flirting. He is the ultimate macho man. This player needs to be up for instigating fights, and trying to instigate fights, even when it gets frustrating. Must be able to fight, then befriend, and keep it IC.

    Dagonet (Available): The Royal Court Jester and alleged leader of one faction of the C&R. Dagonet is protected by Fool's Freedom; the ability to say and do anything his little heart deems provided it is not illegal. This player must be able to be quick with remarks, willing to spread gossip, enter into back and forth banter, arguments, insults, and the like, all while being funny; in a punch his face kind of way.

    If you want to apply to play any of these, please send me an e-mail with the VP application found in our stickied threads. Any questions may be posted here or sent to me directly or via assist.

    StoryPlotter Odjit
    Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
    [4:36:43 PM] Kurzon: You're horrid

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    Lady Hieronyma
    Lord Sicard
    StoryPlotter Odjit
    Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
    [4:36:43 PM] Kurzon: You're horrid