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    Easter things happened and then I traveled, life happened so I didn't -really- have a chance to post anything, so I am now! Last week, my character had the opportunity to receive a box. This strange magic box created an amazing amount of RP for not just Merry but a handful of other players. I can't begin to tell you how much fun I found this plot. It was able to include everyone, right down to the new. Was it intriguing? Yep. Did you have to think a bit? Yep. Were you worried for awhile? Absolutely. It was just a fresher take on things, since lately it's been so tense. A majority of us aren't Army/Ranger characters and I know some feel left out. This was fun and definitely included all groups =) So thank you for that!

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    I wasn't involved in the primary event, however I've been on the periphery since that evening. I appreciate that the (seemingly) one-off plot, which included a handful of players, had the RP reverberations that it did. The fact that the consequences of the involved-characters' choices *required* further role play by them after the event itself, plus their physical status required others to RP responses, is a demonstration of good plotting of this lower-key, non-combative type, in my opinion. With my character alone, I can list 3-4 different ways I've had to respond to that event in some way, and that is impressive.

    I'd like to see more of these types of plots happening during the lulls in the major combative plots. I know how tricky they can be to plan and prep, but I think the payoff is very, very valuable to our community as a whole.


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      I wasn't able to be involved in this plot, but the aftermath has been really cool to see, the characters who were first-hand involved have carried the plot over to those who have not been involved. I like that and to echo Elesin's player, I'd like to see more of those plots too. Kudos!
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        Something else I like about the plot is, even after the week is over, there's going to be ongoing RP pop up randomly from the effects, that might not have been available otherwise. Kudos and thanks to staff for putting it together.
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          Hello all!

          I was going to open up a feedback post myself about this plot, but since one apparently has popped up before I could, I'll just piggyback on this

          First off, thank you for the amazing feedback. It's great to get all sorts of opinions regarding the plots and activities in the game, and as Staff, we strive to build on that feedback to provide a great experience for everyone in future workings. Each plot I've written has grown and morphed due to the input and actions of players like you all, so it is really thanks to all of you that this was as successful as it was!

          I was hesitant, at first, firing off the plot with a group of only six. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, at it allowed people to work together, problem solve, communicate, all while the clock was ticking on in the background giving a since of urgency. Furthermore, it provided a serendipitous result of branching and infectious roleplay extending far beyond the small plot timeframe.

          The plot was created as an Escape Room idea I had, to integrate the problem solving and fun activities of an Escape Room feel, in the realm of creativity and fun that your characters bring. The good news is, you all exceeded my expectations of how much fun could be had in this as a plotter. It may have seemed like I was just watching, but I was just as excited, rooting for you all as you bantered and debated amongst yourself as to why this or that had to be the answer to the puzzle.

          This also opens up a new opportunity for problem solving and sharp eyed characters. Future "Escape Room" style mini plots may pop up again, perhaps with a "Ali visits open hours" style working of being "open" from X time - Y time, giving people a chance to enter in groups of 5-6 for their turn, albeit with different prizes and workings each time I bring it out. Who knows! Either way, it gives me valuable feedback to see the positive request for more non-martial plots to exist, no matter the size

          Again, thank you all for the amazing feedback. And a special thanks to those who worked with me after the plot ended regarding their "prizes". I'll continue to build off all of your feedback for future events

          -StoryPlotter Yuuta