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  • OOC Clothing Help in Twiki

    I'm working on updating this section right now with the current alterable details. If you click on it and notice things are different it's because we're transitioning, so please don't assist. I expect to have it finished completely today.

    I'll leave a note on the page too, but just because you can order detail alterations on the garments doesn't mean you should alter all of them. Only request alterations on the details you actually use and interact with. Some of the more common ones I've noticed people RP with are hems, hoods, sleeves and skirts (if that helps at all). Also, if you can't find a garment on one of the lists it's because it has no alterable details, so I excluded it.

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    All done! Took less time than I expected.

    If you see certain garments on there listed more than once or in more than one category it's because that's how they were listed in the clothier catalogs and so that's how I left them.

    You'll notice the items are alphabetized, but not necessarily like you would expect. Over-robes, for example, are listed as robe (over, plain) or something similar. This was done so I could lump all the same 'type' of garments together in each catalog.

    Anyway, I think you can figure out the rest. Take care and enjoy.


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      Stumbled across this today. Simply amazing.

      Thank you, has really improved on the list of MGeneric details
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