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  • Missed Courtesy Thing

    Hey everyone,

    I'm so sorry I missed Sinvy's Courtesy Circle thing. I'd been very excited to host it and RP with you all, but my boss notified us a couple of days ago that today was his last day. That sounds fairly mundane, but my boss was pretty much the coolest, kindest and most awesome person I've had the pleasure of working with and so it came as a major blow to know he's transferring to an out of state store. The past couple of days have been utter balls, and I just entirely 100% forgot.

    I'm really sorry for wasting everyone's time and I'll reschedule it.
    Lady Sinvy
    Lady of Her Majesty's Court
    Mistress of the Cellars
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    Awww, no worries - thanks for letting us know what was going on. Sorry to hear that your boss is leaving. Working with people you respect is a huge part of job satisfaction, in my experience. Hope everything goes well in the coming days.
    Mistress Isaria
    Courtier of Her Majesty
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