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~Crazy~ Week - MIA here and there

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  • ~Crazy~ Week - MIA here and there


    So my mom decided on Sunday that she was going to show up on Monday afternoon and help us start packing because we bought a house (awesome-super-excitement-time!) and we close at the end of July, which makes all the extra hands super...uhm..handy. Especially since trying to get anything organized and packed with 2 young kids around is like trying to neatly organize a herd of greased piglets into egg cartons.

    That being said, to best utilize her time (and mine), I am not logging in quite as much as I normally do this week so we can get some serious work done. Expect to see me pop up again with some regularity this weekend.

    Sorry for the RP inconvenience, but thank you for your patience.

    - Jen
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    Just don't pack up the computers yet. Super happy for you guys, and yes... The more hands you can get, the better.
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