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    So, as I'm sure people have noticed, there is now occasional coloured text describing some room aspects, which is neat!

    Would it be possible to have the names of characters also coloured in a similar way? It would make it easier to spot someone when entering a room.
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    That's the improvement I want to see. I've spent time interacting with characters, scanning the text and still can't see them in the room.
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      It isn't, unfortunately; we've tried it in the past.

      Causing an object to take on a particular text color in a room description also means that object takes on that code in any emit it includes, which breaks the rest of the emit color coding - you may notice when interacting with those colored objects that any text after the object's name in an emit turns white - or whatever your client's "default" text color is. Also in the case of characters in particular, we found that adding the color tags broke the character selection gateway, as it would try (unsuccessfully) to parse the color tag code into the html of the login page.

      If there were a way to do it we would, but it seems the code is incompatible.
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