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HOW TO: Reporting Forums Posts

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  • HOW TO: Reporting Forums Posts

    If you see a post that is spam, offensive (in obvious ways, not in ways that you simply don't agree with personally), or against TOS, you are able to flag it by clicking the bottom right "FLAG" bottom as shown in the picture:

    Clicking this will bring up a dialogue box, where you are instructed to place details for your flagging post:

    Do not flag posts where an individual is "raising their In Character post" to the forefront. This is In character action and not applicable to flagging spam. Spam posts are advertisements, links to illegitimate websites, etc. You all should be quite familiar with the procedure by now. When there is a flag raised, I am able to see the individual who placed the flag and the reason, so please be detailed in your reports if possible. I also check the forums daily, so obvious bots and spamming adverts usually get deleted by myself or another staffer before I even look at my flag reports, but it still helps to flag them if needed.

    Please note that this applies to the Castle Marrach sub forum and sub forums. I do not manage the other forums.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta