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Feedback Thread: The Broken Machine

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  • Feedback Thread: The Broken Machine

    Hey players!

    By now, most of you are aware that the plot, Juniper Nacklebell and The Broken Machine has completed. First off, apologies for the gaps of time with little public update/activity on the plot on my part; I wanted as much player-run activity in it as possible, and tried my best to stay on the sidelines and watch. Thankfully, a lot of you really stepped up and accomplished some great things, using creative problem solving and bringing interesting ideas.

    Below, I'd like everyone who participated, watched, heard about it, or whatever to provide any feedback they might have, so long as it's constructive I am always looking to improve upon future plots, so you'll see these sort of posts often when I finish one of mine.

    Big kudos to the players of Pete, Eeva, Josie, Kobe, Finna, Elora, Meoris, and a number of others who helped spread the news about the plight of the broken machine, gathering/crafting parts, bringing things to help clean up parts/the machine, offering assistance, participating in toy ideas, etc, and even notifying Juniper the machine was broken in the first place .

    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    Overall, I had fun with it. There was the initial confusion of what was going on, with the concern of 'Is this thing about to kill us?!' Then leading through everything else, with RP for pretty much anyone who wanted some form of involvement. It's not a massive plot in terms of changing the game, but it brought quite a few laughs, some dramatic moments with good RP, and now some new items entering the game. It also gives some hooks open for future RP opportunities. I like things like this randomly showing up to break up the day to day RP.

    Favorite moments would be pieces flying out of the music box while it seemed the machine might explode, and the contest for new toy designs.
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      I came late to the plot/RP around the contraption having just returned, and so mostly stayed on the side to enjoy watching (plus someone has to remain a bit suspicious of these unnatural mechanical demonic contraptions). And it was enjoyable. Juniper herself was a call back to some zany pcs we once had. Not every plot has to be grim or bloody, sometimes just a bit of fun and frivolity is what the doctor ordered. Doctor Kyle in this case, not Doctor Getheaht. I think the latter prefers things grim and bloody. Anyway, it was good that people were able to get involved peripherally with ideas for toys, more centrally with helping plans to repair the machine, and I presume in other ways I wasn't witness to. That allows it to engage pcs with different interests and play styles, which is great.

      I certainly noticed on the @hotspot for a couple days that lots of people were making up for lost time on the contraption, so certainly people were excited to play and see what had changed.



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