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  • Pre-emptive Heads Up

    Just a heads up that its possible that Kamilah and my alts will not be available this weekend for court. We are in the path of the incoming hurricane, and while inland a bit, it could still be messy. We are being asked to be prepared for multi-day power outages. On top of that my parents are being evacuated from the coast and piling them and the dogs in a 2 bedroom apartment might be rough. Anyhow! I/they will be there in spirit and my apologies in advance. Hopefully this will be a false alarm post!

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    Fill the bathtub and anything you can store with water.. Stay safe!!!

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      Be safe and we will see you when we can. We'll not burn all of the Castle down while you are gone, if you are out for a bit
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        Stay safe! <3
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          I'll be praying for you, girl. Stay safe! I'll catch you up on the happenings when you get back if you can't make it.
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            Piggybacking here to say that the same storm is heading to VA also, so me and my alts and Kimmi's player will fall under this warning, too. Praying it will curve out back to sea, but just in case...

            I'm reachable on skype and can play from work, but court is on my day off. We will have to hope the hurricane avoids us all
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              Stay safe, everyone!
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                Stay safe, folks! *hugs*
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                  Stay safe and my prayers go out to you all!
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