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  • To my killers...

    Great scene! That was one of the most epic fights I've had the opportunity to be present for, let alone participate in. The last bout especially. I liked it even better than Conal's fight vs Galatea.

    Only thing that would've made it better would have been a crowd to witness it. Keep up the good work!

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    I'd love to have seen that but the Army just said there was "trouble" and told Charmiam to say in the Inner Bailey.


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      I was sleeping and hate I missed it. But yaaaay!
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        It was fun and scary lol, my hands were shaking the whole time, but it was a great scene. Thanks and kudos to everyone ;p

        P.S Celaena will forever keep Conal in that small part of her mind where she stores everything that disturbs the heck out of her. Congrats!

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          If anyone has a log, it would be great to share it once the plot-dust settles.
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            I have a log, and once everything is in the clear I'll post it. It was definitely one of those unforgettable situations and Conal put up an amazing fight. Too, on an OOC note, I would like to say thank you to everyone involved for there not being any OOC problems that killed the enjoyment of it. I might have liked it a *tiny* bit more if after every kill or wound we had taken more time to absorb and show the build-up of emotion, but on the whole it was a great and unexpected scene to get to participate in.
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              I regret that I wasn't able to participate in the scene, but it seems it played out to everyone's satisfaction and I'm glad if that's the case.

              To Conal's P, if I'm not wrong you've given the game a few memorable baddies, so kudos to you. I hope you're still present in the game in some form of another.

              I'll be looking forward to that log.