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  • Holiday

    So while Kaspar isn't famed for waking for long periods of time, I am on holiday for the next two weeks, away with the family in foreign lands, then to see more family, but fear not, I am coming back!

    I have really enjoyed my return, the new and the old players and characters I know or am getting to know! Lots of mystery and intrigue to fill my boots with!

    To certain players who aren't in game and are watching over the boards, Kaspar will be back in game in two weeks time, come back! I miss you!

    I was away for a while but it was worth the absence for it being so great now!

    Please try not to burn the place down and if you do save a torch and some bits for me!

    Love being back
    Kaspar's handler

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    Enjoy your time away and we'll try to leave one room standing fir you
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