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MIA while recovering from ACL surgery - 10/12 to 10/19

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  • MIA while recovering from ACL surgery - 10/12 to 10/19

    Hey, a heads up that I have surgery on the 12th and will likely be sleeping and resting that whole weekend and through the next week. But I'll pop in if I'm feeling up to it.

    Ella's handler.

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    Make sure you stay off your feet! This is the opportunity for hubby to dote on you 24/7. Make sure you log on at least once while you're under the influence of pain meds so we can all have a laugh!

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    StoryBuilder Chimi says, "O_O I just found something weird in your body. Hang on a sec...."


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      I agree with Edstave. ^^
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        Hahaha. So wrong. So, so wrong. ;P


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          You'll be the star of both 'Funny Moment of Marrach' and 'Guess that Situation' for the same RP <3
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            Awww hun. That is not a fun injury. I hope you recover well and fast. Stay off your feet as suggested and yeah , totally visit us mentally unbalanced

            Good luck!
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              Feel better, you little butt kicker, you!
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                I will be absent at this time, but I hope it all goes well and for a speedy recovery!

                See you when I get back!


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                  For Josie, I meant to log in Ella, but am in lots of pain, can postpone sleep social if you want. Sorry, be back later.


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                    Charmiam can't attend the Pyjama Party today (it's our annual concert), not that it should influence any decision to postpone of course.

                    Ezraella's player, here's to a speedy recovery.


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                      I'm so sorry you're in pain! I'll check IG to see if I have the things we wanted to have for the event. If so then I'll go ahead and hold it on my own. If not, then I'll place a notice of postponement and we can decide on a replacement date when you're feeling better.

                      Take care of yourself!
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