SkotOS Downtown: Wednesday, 11am-1pm PT

I am scheduling a downtime for all SkotOS machines from 11am-1pm PT on Wednesday.
  • Marrach will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Lazarus (and Lovecraft) will be going down to upgrade its Operating System
  • Ironclaw will (hopefully) be going down to tune its performance
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Play time might be a little spotty

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  • Play time might be a little spotty

    My mom isn't doing too well right now. She has been falling lately, she's been getting dizzy and her legs don't want to cooperate. Not sure what's going on. During one of her falls today, she said she broke a rib. Before she went to lay down, she was slurring her words.

    I love you guys, but RL comes first. If I am on, I may end up doing my own thing.

    A little backstory, shortly after joining, my real dad died (November). In Feb of this year, my step-dad died. So, you can see why I am worried and scared.

    XOXO Don't stop being amazing!

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    Take care of your Mother and yourself, with my best wishes and prayers for you both. You'll be missed when you are gone, and we'll try to keep one corner of the Castle unburned for you when you retrn.
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      Hope things improve soon for you and your family <3
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        ^^ Hoping my sister still reads the boards. Having a problem getting a hold of her.