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Happy Halloween!

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  • Happy Halloween!

    Happy Hallow's Eve to you all!

    Today has been a non-stop marathon of fun: getting back into work after a week's vacation and then finding out at 4:15 pm that our new city (recently moved) switched Halloween Trick-or-Treating from tomorrow evening to tonight due to the rain forecast. That meant speeding home to shove a sandwich in my mouth while hand-sewing the finishing touches on my children's costumes because I thought I had one more night to do it! Oh, and my sewing room is still in various boxes in that big closet over there...

    Anywho, little Moana and Maui looked fabulous and brought in a great candy haul. And me? I'm completely spent! So I'm taking the night off while the rest of you RP your hearts out. I will catch you all later, and I hope that you have a frabjous Halloween.

    -Isaria's Playah'
    Mistress Isaria
    Courtier of Her Majesty
    Head of House for Lady Charmiam
    Royal Seamstress