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  • Absence

    Hey guys!

    I've been in the hospital for the past few days, with wifi that has /not/ liked skotos... Hence why I've been a bit absent from the castle.

    Not really sure how my playing time is going to be for the foreseeable future while I recover, though I'll try to get on intermittently to check for scrolls. As always, you can always write to me here on the forums if you need to get ahold of me/ Cai.

    Much love!
    ~Cai's handler

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    Get Well Soon, Darling!
    Mistress Tristana

    Member of Her Majesty's Court
    Aide for the Healers
    Patron of the Embinders
    Aide of the Chambers


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      Feel better.
      Ser Halvard
      Bodyservant to the Lord Chancellor


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        Sending good vibes your way.

        Squire to Dame Eeva
        Equerry to Lady Rayna
        Lead Royal Page
        Rangers Recruit
        Embinders Apprentice
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          Hey dears. Just wanted to give a brief update -

          It's still a bit difficult for me to do any kind of RP with two or more people, the scrolling starts giving me a bit of a headache, though I'm testing the waters a little and seeing how it goes. Quite hard still to focus lengthily on the screen to not get lost with what's going on and engage in (meaningful?) RP.

          Same thing applies as earlier, feel free to ping me here if you need something, or I'll try and have her on a couple times a day to check scrolls and whatnot.

          Much love!

          ~Cai's Handler


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            Don't rush it; take the time you need to get healthy! <3

            ~Lady Morven Adalhard