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  • Apologies!

    I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I'm alive, and I apologize for people who have been waiting on Aleysia to do stuff. I've had a rough couple of weeks health-wise and family-wise. Both of my parents have had falls and have needed some extra help, and we had a Super Bowl food poisoning fiasco on top of it all. Work has been incredibly stressful of late and I'm barely surviving my sudden 60 hour weeks. It's left me with very few spoons by the end of the day and I've just not had enough left in me to sit at the computer. I'm hoping things will clear up soon and I'll be able to get back in game soon. Thanks for bearing with me and I'm sorry that I hadn't gotten around to posting sooner.
    Aleysia Forsyth
    Secretary to Lord Mirshan
    Royal Library Aide - Outer Bailey Librarian
    Embinder - Battle Guild Teacher

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    Rest and get your things straight And much good health for your family and yourself.

    Mistress Tristana

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    Aide for the Healers
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