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    Originally posted by melle View Post
    i'd love to see a real brawling society arise in the outer at some point, whether formally chartered or underground.
    MARRACH FIGHT CLUB. I'm serious about this.


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      What’s preventing you from starting something like this Nicco?


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        * When damage is dealt in MCombat, a second number now appears beside the damage number, this indicates the percentage the damage was increased or decreased by due to buffs which affected that attack card.

        This can include:

        - Damage decrease from either the attacker or defender having a shield or polearm
        - Damage decrease or increase from buffs such as ATK Up / ATK Down / DEF Up / DEF Down or specific attack types (Quick/Strong/Precise Up/Down) etc.
        - Damage decrease from attacking the wrong target while taunted

        It does not presently include:

        - Damage increase for using super effect attack types against matching CNPCs
        - Damage increase for using projectile attacks against melee characters
        - Damage increase for using weapon attacks against unarmed characters

        These effects still show up with a [effective] or [resisted] tag

        Attacks with custom emits (primarily focus attacks) presently aren't coded to display the above information, but it's still being factored into the damage formula.


        * Focus attacks no longer generate focus points unless they are Precise type Focus Attacks.
        * Focus attacks no longer generate critical points unless they are Quick type Focus Attacks.

        BUG FIXES

        * Fighteasy can now properly be disabled, but the command is now @mcombat 'fighteasy disable
        * Fixed a bug introduced by fighteasy where the damage formula was not counting dualwield skill when dual wielding
        * Fixed a bug introduced by fighteasy where you would occasionally start battle with 0 fatigue (also resulting in @combatants bugging out)
        * Fixed a bug where polearm was granting its -20% incoming/outgoing damage effect even when in The Lancer style
        * Sidearm Focus Attack 'Assassinate' now properly consumes focus points on use
        * Shield Active Ability 'Shield Smite' now forces you to select a target before using it, like other targeted abilities, to avoid user error
        * Your mcombat @hand and overall deck are now flushed and regenerated when joining combat. This fixes an issue where leftover attacks from whatever weapon and style you were using in your previous fight would remain in your @hand for the first turn or two of a new fight until used up.
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          Originally posted by Melle View Post
          While we're talking about styles and ideas for the future, I'd just like to put out a few ideas that I've had and things I'd love to see more of.

          First, having styles be specific to groups in the Castle is a great idea and a great way of blending the combat elements of the game with the social. One thing I'd like to suggest is that those styles should also still be available to alumni of the groups, and maybe in order to relieve staff of the task of keeping track of who gets which, maybe create some kind of list overseen by the heads of each group that they can add to and take off at will (with staff keeping access to make sure they're not abused of course.) You could also potentially extent the privilege of a group's style to "honorary" members, those who've done something significant and memorable to contribute to a group without joining, though that might open the door to favouritism.

          One thing I also like to imagine for the somewhat more distant future is character-created styles! This would be limited to very high level warriors, of course, but it would be great if those with enough ingenuity and experience in the system could come up with a new style that they think would suit their mcombat strategy better and then put that into effect with staff cooperation. They could then elect to pass that style onto their students and others they deem worthy. I think it would bring some great new depth to the culture and science of combat in the Castle.

          Finally, unarmed combat! Obviously as it's lacking any specialised abilities or a focus attack at the moment unarmed combat already feels a little unfinished, but it's still fun and I'd love to see it developed more in future. I think it's crucial that unarmed fighters will always be at a massive disadvantage against those with weapons, but I think in spite of that it could still serve a great purpose in the society of the Castle, as a means for even those without any intrinsic rank, favour or monetary means to gain some strength. I love the idea that even though "brawling" might still seen as horribly disreputable and improper by those higher up in society it could still flourish as a way for commoners to learn to defend themselves and to grow stronger overall. Obviously basic abilities and a focus attack would be the best way to encourage that to begin with, but I think diverging styles for unarmed would be great as well further down the line, maybe initially one that favours power, one that emphasizes focus attacks and one for critical hits. I'd love to see a real brawling society arise in the Outer at some point, whether formally chartered or underground.

          Anyway these are just my personal hopes for the future of styles and mcombat, curious if other people have been thinking the same thing or if there's other areas they'd like to get more attention.
          This is for the most part all quite plausible and along the lines of what I'm already looking at (though admittedly MCombat seems to be in quite a good place right now and isn't a priority vs some other coded updates the game needs).

          ~ ALUMNI

          My idea for addressing guild alumni for styles is to allow characters to gain style experience when using a style in mcombat, after enough experience is gained that style is "unlocked" and becomes yours to use even after you leave that guild's roster. For pre-existing alumni, an @assist unlock will probably be the way to go.


          Character created styles is something I've considered, but becomes a slippery slope to commit to. For certain we'd have to restrict it only to very highly skilled/renowned player characters and/or VPs, and then depending on what precisely people want these styles to do, the coding involved could range anywhere from 'a little' to 'a whole lot'. Generally however, there's already an existing formula I use to 'balance' the effectiveness of all the existing styles, and it would apply to additional styles down the road:

          1. A style grants five ATTACK CARDS, and at least one each of quick, strong and precise has to be in there, the other two are up for grabs.

          2. A style grants two BENEFIT traits. Both traits can also be the same one, stacking for double the effect.
          - Increased quick/strong/precise (choose one) damage by +15%
          - Increased critical strike damage by +20%
          - Increased focus attack damage by +20% (this might need a boost to compete with the above two since focus attacks happen much less frequently)
          - Gain 5 critical points each turn
          - Gain 10 focus points each turn
          - Increased critical point generation by +20%
          - Increased focus point generation by +20%
          - Reduce cooldown of active skills (presently I'm counting this as a '2 point' benefit because of how big an impact it makes in larger/longer battles, particularly given how much the strategy of MCombat revolves around timing your cooldowns right)

          3. A style may grant CHANGE effects, which alters how certain mechanics work while using that style but aren't an objective benefit, or whatever benefit it comes with is offset by an equal penalty. There isn't a specific limitation on how many change effects a style can have in my formula, though if I let PCs start submitting their own I'd want to implement some kind of restriction so as not to get too extravagant.
          - Reduce the penalty to incoming/outgoing damage penalty when using a tanking weapon (polearm/shield)
          - Increase the damage you deal and receive
          - Adding or changing an active ability (ie: Soldier and Lancer styles) usually qualifies as a change not a benefit, because it adds a skill at the cost of another.

          So, using that above information, you could for example create a "berserker style" with a deck of SSSQP, +30% to strong attacks and an "increased damage taken and received". There are other traits also that I've theory crafted but not introduced into any

          ~ HAND TO HAND

          Like archery and sorcery, hand to hand isn't quite where I want it yet. The problem is, as you correctly put it, a scenario where melee "pugilists" could stand toe to toe with armed swordsmen. I *have* contemplated adding two new styles, 'Monk' and 'Brawler', one requiring membership in a particular group and the other requiring a certain level of melee skill to unlock, as well as making a few amendments to the current unarmed style to make it a bit more palatable, but really I don't want to see a scenario when anyone can jump into a fight with their fists against armored knights and expect to last, as earning weapons and other equipment are part of the progression of the game.
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          The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.


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            Originally posted by Kurzon View Post
            Like archery and sorcery, hand to hand isn't quite where I want it yet. ... but really I don't want to see a scenario when anyone can jump into a fight with their fists against armored knights and expect to last, as earning weapons and other equipment are part of the progression of the game.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
            I think a smaller, nice addition just to get Unarmed feeling a bit more fun is to add at least one focus attack. Presently the only reason you throw a precise attack in melee is as part of a masterful combo, and even then it feels wasteful. For most people, Free Hand does nothing but add focus points so it being the only Unarmed ability makes it just another superfluous thing. I don't know how you'd go about coding the focus attack to only work if you're not wielding any weapon (so that it doesn't interfere with people using one-handed weapons), so it might be more trouble than it's worth, to be fair.

            As for people trying to punch their way through knights, well, we already have the status effect of not wielding a weapon meaning you take 50% extra damage. That already goes some way to stopping possible ridiculousness. It could possibly be increased to 75-100% for basic fighters, and only have an eventual @style unlocked that reduces it down to 50%.

            But the idea of a monk in CM leaves me feeling really conflicted. As far as fantasy goes, I love monks. They're fucking cool. But, and this is going to sound weird, I don't think CM is quite fantasy enough for monks. At least not D&D level monks. I know that's a weirdly specific line to draw because we arguably have most other D&D-style classes represented or available with enough work, or on the horizon. But when I think of those other classes, my mind is comfortable enough with it. But for some reason, when I think of monks, my mind starts losing its suspension of disbelief. But that could just be a personal preference thing.
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              Originally posted by Halvard View Post
              we already have the status effect of not wielding a weapon meaning you take 50% extra damage. That already goes some way to stopping possible ridiculousness. It could possibly be increased to 75-100% for basic fighters, and only have an eventual @style unlocked that reduces it down to 50%.
              This would make sorcerers even more squishy since their focus don't count as a weapon. I know you're just spit-balling, but I thought that it would be worth a mention that something like that could unintentionally make the weakest characters in the game even weaker to the point they would be lucky to survive a round of attacks from someone fresh out of the linens, most can only make it a couple already as it is when fighting an armed opponent and that would tilt the scales even more to the point where a sorcerer who didn't go first will almost never get a chance to attack.

              On the other side, if you give some sort of unarmed defense buff instead and make it, lets say, 25% extra damage, be ready when every sorcerer is suddenly wanting to learn to punch things so they're not so squishy,

              I'd advocate for making the focus a "weapon" but that might cause problems as well, thought I do think it would be kind of cool to have it as an off hand weapon and be able to swing a sword or dagger around, maybe get some fun melee spells utilizing a focus and a blade done up eventually. I'm a bias sword-mage fan-girl though.


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                Originally posted by Kona View Post

                This would make sorcerers even more squishy since their focus don't count as a weapon.
                Absolutely a good point. I didn't think of that at all. I do feel like I read somewhere that sorcerers can learn a spell that lets them use their willpower against martial attacks rather than their fatigue, although I may be misremembering, so that might be able to include reducing or removing the 50% extra incoming damage.
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                  I doubt anyone would disagree with unarmed fighters being at a big disadvantage vs. armed fighters. For an unarmed combatant to beat someone with a sword the difference in skill should have to be huge, like... third tier fighter vs. newly. But either way I don't think fleshing out the unarmed system is likely to imbalance things a great deal. It doesn't mean making unarmed fighters more powerful, just giving them more options. Right now a character with high unarmed skill and a strong/quick heavy style could probably beat a lot of newer sword fighters as it is.

                  ​​​I like the idea of a monk style and brawler style, though I sort of agree that d&d-style monks might not be a great fit for the Castle (even without the chi and pseudo-magical powers). However you could argue that there's already enough different styles of unarmed combat in the Castle, at least for strategies based around strength, finesse and speed. And because unarmed combat isn't based on the inherent properties of weapons, the style is sort of everything. I like the idea Kurzon presented above of there being a basic "Brawler" style based on melee skill and other styles based on group membership. If it was going to work that way I'd suggest it be via OOC groups which are only loosely and informally tied to in-game factions, but it does open a range of possibilities.

                  As an example, let's say Victor (VP, known brawler, good candidate for originator of a fighting style) is made OOC progenitor of a new @style called The Pugilist that focuses on strong-type attacks. One day he gets into a drunken rage and fistfights half the Outer before the Army can pin him down and/or he falls asleep. After he gets over his hangover and/or gets out of the stocks he finds a bunch of commoners with black eyes are asking him to teach them how to fight. He agrees (terms unspecified) and once some of his students have shown enough investment and improvement the player OOCly adds them to the Pugilist group, granting them the style too. Then, potentially, the style experience Kurzon mentioned above could be used to determine that they've truly "mastered" pugilism, giving them the ability to pass it on to others.

                  Obviously this could be done for a lot of different styles. Some notions off the top of my head:
                  Pinpoint style, a precise-focused style beginning as an art of self-defence used by courtiers, perhaps originating with Heulyn or another melee trainer in the Inner.
                  Kickboxer style, a style favouring quick attacks and critical hits that could start with criminals and Under denizens, eventually spreading to the rest of the Castle by illicit channels.
                  Balancer style, that makes use of both quick and precise attacks to both keep foes off-balance and punish openings, ICly originating as a way for smaller characters to succeed in battle against larger opponents. This would be a good fit for a Faith-sanctioned "monk-"esque style of non-lethal self defence, though Diana and Melle have also been discussing trying to teach something similar in the Outer.

                  I'm sure a lot of other people have their own ideas for what kind of unarmed fighting styles might exist throughout Marrach, those are just some example suggestions. I guess they would be in contrast to the "brawler" SSPQQ style that most unarmed fighters currently have, but ideally that and every other style would have their own abilities, benefits and focus attacks. The more I type here the more I realise how much work would need to go into implementing all of this... but it needn't necessarily be all at once, and ideally a lot of that work would be by characters in-game as well. So if it does fit other people's ideas for what might be in the game's future it would be good to start putting the in-character foundations in place now.

                  (Anyone know if you can put text under a cut on this forum? If so I'll edit it in so my posts aren't taking up as much space.)


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                    I've released a balance update compiled of a fairly lengthy list of balance-oriented changes based on my MCombat observations for the last little while. Most of these changes are minor, but there are enough of them that it should make an impact. The updated Active Abilities can be viewed on the front page of this thread. The more commonly used swordonehand and swordtwohand weapon types haven't been significantly modified as they were already in a pretty good place, however, sidearm, polearm and bludgeon received more extensive changes. The goal of these changes is to work towards two objectives:

                    1. Reduce the ease of buff stacking, particularly with regards to defensive buffs being stacked such that a character can take little-to-no damage for lengthy periods of time.
                    2. Increase the importance and impact of timing certain Active Abilities or Focus Attacks at the most opportune moment.

                    GENERAL SUMMARY OF CHANGES

                    * Abilities which drain or grant focus points have had their cooldown increased by 1 turn
                    * Abilities which grant 3-turn fatigue recovery buffs have had their cooldown increased by 1 turn
                    * Abilities which grant 3-turn defensive buffs now only last 1 turn, but the amount of defense granted has been significantly increased. Tanking weapons and styles are the exception to this.
                    * All weapon types now offer some form of fatigue regeneration ability, as weapons without self healing (sidearm, polearm, etc) were being heavily outperformed by those that had such an ability.
                    * All weapon types now offer some kind of defensive boost, either in the form of DEF Up or Evade. This is mostly important for pending PVE scenarios but is also a useful strategy mechanic for PVP.

                    DAMAGE FORMULA

                    * The base damage formula has been slightly updated in regards to how it factors in weapon skills. This is primarily aimed at evening out the value/benefit of the sidearm, shield and dualwield weapon skills when using their associated weapons, as well as to remove the necessity for dualwield as a skill if only using a sidearm in the offhand (because really using a parrying dagger or some other offhand weapon is very different than using two swords).

                    - Single Weapon: Associated weapon skill determines base damage of all attack directionals.
                    - Weapon & Shield: The weapon skill determines base damage of "right" and "high" attacks, the shield skill determines base damage of "left" attacks and the Focus Attack, Shield Slam.
                    - Weapon & Sidearm: The weapon skill determines the base damage of "right" and "high" attacks, the sidearm skill determines the base damage of "left" attacks.
                    - 2 Swords / 2 Bludgeons / Sword + Bludgeon: The main hand weapon skill determines the base damage of "right" attacks, the off hand weapon skill determines the base damage of "left" attacks, the dualwield skill determines the base damage of "high" attacks, bold attack combos and the Focus Attack, Flurry (and also still determines how many hits Flurry executes).

                    MECHANICS UPDATES

                    * You no longer gain focus points or critical points when a target evades your attack.
                    * Only one Active Ability may be used per combat turn, forcing fighters to strategize accordingly and "plan ahead" (ie: if you have two buffs you want up during your Focus Attack round, you should use one ability the turn before and the next ability the turn of).
                    * Attacking the wrong target when taunted now reduces damage by 75% instead of 50% (however it's now harder for tanks to stack defense as high or for as many turns, making them more plausible targets to attack while you're taunted, though they'll still be resilient when their buffs are up).
                    * After the 10th round of an MCombat match, 'Combat Exhaustion' begins to set in. This is a stacking debuff that decreases all fatigue regeneration by -5% per turn.

                    BALANCE CHANGES

                    ~ Shields ~
                    * The incoming/outgoing damage penalty for shields has been lowered from 30% to 20%.
                    * The shield skill no longer lowers your outgoing damage penalty when using a shield.
                    * The Soldier style now removes the outgoing damage penalty when using a shield, but no longer grants +15% Precise ATK Up or +40% Focus ATK Up. This makes it less precise reliant, and therefore more pair'able with weapons other than swordonehand... like spears... which it was meant to be used with.
                    * [#3] Shield Smite (Soldier Style) no longer inflicts ATK Down / DEF Down and now inflicts Remove Buff and grants the user Focus Points.

                    ~ One Handed Swords ~
                    * [#1] Precision boost to focus gain has been lowered.
                    * [#2] Deflection damage reduction has been significantly increased but now only lasts 1 turn.
                    * [#2] Deflection cooldown increased by 1 turn.
                    * [Focus] Triple Strike no longer drains the target's focus points on use, but grants +50% Precise ATK Up [1 turn] on use.

                    ~ Two Handed Swords ~
                    * [#2] Hilt Strike increases the damage a target takes by a significantly higher amount, but now only lasts 1 turn.
                    * [#2] Hilt Strike cooldown increased by 1 turn.
                    * [#3] Two Hand Parrying damage reduction has been significantly increased but now only lasts 1 turn.
                    * [#3] Two Hand Parrying cooldown increased by 1 turn.

                    ~ Sidearms ~
                    * [#1] Rapid Jab no longer grants +Critical Points and instead grants Heal On Crit.
                    * [#1] Rapid Jab has had its cooldown increased to match similar fatigue restoration abilities.
                    * [#2] Evade and Strike (Evade / Critical ATK Up) has replaced the former #2 Active Ability .

                    ~ Rapier ~
                    * Rapier's abilities have been completely replaced with two new abilities:
                    - [#1] Advance; ATK Up / Critical ATK Up
                    - [#2] Retire; Evade / Fatigue Per Turn

                    ~ Polearm ~
                    * Polearms no longer act as a tanking weapon by default. The incoming/outgoing damage reduction has been removed, and it now behaves more similarly to the previous 'Lancer Style' without needing to use that style. It can still be used to tank by pairing it with a shield.
                    * The Lancer Style @style as such has been removed. A two handed polearm tanking @style will eventually replace it.
                    * [#1] Sentinel has been replaced with Piercing Strike (+Critical Points / Critical ATK Up).
                    * [#2] Distant Stance no longer bestows Focus When Attacked and now grants Heal On Crit.
                    * [#3] Shaft Sweep has been replaced with Lance Striking (ATK Up / Focus Per Turn).
                    * Focus Attack Impale no longer ignores armour (this trait is largely of no value, as it only effects a couple MCombat monsters) and now removes up to 3 defensive buffs from the target on hit.

                    ~ Bludgeons ~
                    * Bludgeon's abilities have been completely replaced with three new abilities:
                    - [#1] Renewed Assault; ATK Up / Immediate Heal
                    - [#2] Dodge and Cleave; Evade / Critical ATK Up
                    - [#3] Berserking; Strong ATK Up / Remove Debuff

                    ~ Dual Wielding ~
                    * [Focus] Flurry is now only granted if using two full length, one handed weapons (swordonehand or bludgeononehand). If a sidearm or hand-and-half weapon is being used in either hand, you instead default to the normal focus attack of your main hand weapon.

                    BUG FIXES

                    * Some bugs associated with Lancer style were removed, but Lancer style is gone now anyway.
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                      Kurzon I have a couple of questions regarding the changes

                      What is the heal on crit based on? Just a percentage of fatigue I assume?

                      How does the immediate heal on bludgeons work in comparison?

                      Lastly, what's the rate of fatigue gain on rapiers.


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                        The numbers displayed in the fatigue restoration abilities are all a percentage of the user's maximum fatigue. The amount is the same regardless of the weapon, eg; the Heal per Turn restoration of the rapier matches that of the shortsword, the Immediate Heal of the bludgeon matches that of the two handed sword, and so on. The same rules apply for all buff types, I have a list of premade 'ability effects' and their effect amount/cooldown/duration, and every active ability for a weapon gets two effects from that list. One ability that gives, for example, ATK Up, will give the same amount as every other ability that does so - unless it's a 1 turn buff vs a 3 turn buff of the same effect.

                        Fatigue self heals are categorized as one of the following;

                        - Immediate Heal. These grant the least total healing per use [10%/20%/30%], but the cooldown is lower and you gain the full amount of the healing right away. Two handed swords, bludgeons and the free/empty offhand all grant this ability type as their heal.

                        - Heal per Turn. These heal less than Immediate Heals the turn they're used [5%/10%/15% per turn] but grant more recovery overall by the time their 3-turn duration has concluded [15%/30%/45% total]. The associated risk is that during that three turn duration you may perish prematurely before enjoying the full benefit of the heal, or have the heal dispelled early by an ability which removes physical buffs (such as the Active Abilities of the Sidearm or the Shield when using The Soldier style, as well as the Focus Attacks of the Rapier or Polearm). Heal per turn abilities also have slightly longer cooldowns. One handed swords and rapiers grant this ability type as their heal.

                        - Heal on Crit. These have the highest potential healing over the course of their 3 turn duration, healing for 2.5%/5%/10% per critical hit, allowing total of 7.5%/15%/30% healing per turn if all three attacks crit. Like Heal Per Turn, it's vulnerable to being dispelled or the user being taken out before getting its full healing effect, this is even more likely to happen with this heal than any other kind, as it requires the user land strings of critical hits on their turn to enjoy the benefits. If a character uses this at the right time however (ie: right after a triple quick combo, then using a +criticals ability the following turn) the potential restoration of this heal type well exceeds the above two. Sidearms and polearms grant this ability type as their heal, and they're probably the only two weapons that generate enough criticals to make it worthwhile anyway, along with perhaps rapier.
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                          Kurzon Thanks for the quick response! I feel like I have a better grasp of the changes now.


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                            The Gallant [SPQQQ]
                            * Benefit: Increase the amount of critical points you generate by 20%
                            * Benefit: Increase critical strike damage by 40%
                            * Unlock: Level 6 (artisan) thrust
                            This isnt showing in the @style "list" command. You can select it, but its not present.


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                              To clarify, how do these changes affect a character wielding two sidearms? Would dualwield skill affect their damage? And would they get flurry or assassinate for their focus ability?


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                                Dual dagger should get assassinate as its focus attack, with sidearm determining left and right attacks and dualwield determining high attacks.
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                                The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.



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