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    Definitely enjoy the new system after my first two practice spars (one-on-one and two-on-two) tonight. Looking forward to further exploring it, assuming I stumble into another practice.
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      Hi all,

      I'm currently and over the next few days in the process of implementing a few updates for the MCombat 4.1 system. You will notice some abilities have been slightly changed and also that the script that generates combat emits has been entirely gutted and rebuilt, which will result in combat emits reading slightly differently than they used to. While this update is in the process of being implemented you may run into some errors while using MCombat, it is not advisable that you engage CNPCs during this time.

      Once the update has completed an update post will follow.

      Thank you!
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        Hi all,

        In preparation for the upcoming plot events, a number of bug fixes, core mechanics updates and balancing adjustments have been made.


        * After-turn Effect Removal: The core engine for MCombat has been modified to support certain buffs having their 'remaining duration' tick down after a character's turn ends instead of when it first begins. This is primarily relevant when using debuffs on another character, as these abilities would tick down their first 'turn' as soon as the other character receives their turn, thus actually lasting 1 turn less than advertised. For example, a 1-turn ATK Down ability would tick down it's only turn as soon as the affected character's turn began, meaning they never actually suffer that effect at all. Taunt was one of the most common examples of this, with 3-turn taunts ending actually after 2 turns and not until the affected character's turn begins, meaning there was always a turn in which it was impossible to keep a target taunted.

        * Shield Damage Reduction: The -20% damage reduction bonus from shields no longer stacks when two shield bearing characters attack each other, this is to prevent fights between shield users being too drawn out due to stacking damage reduction.

        * Defensive Abilities: You've probably noticed by now, but nearly all defensive abilities have been altered to now give 2 defensive buffs, a stronger one which lasts one turn, and a weaker one which lasts 3. This was implemented so that defensive abilities could retain their function as an anti-focus-attack ability on the first turn they're used while still offering some lesser defense during following turns in cases where an opponent decides to 'wait out' the extra turn and use their focus attack afterward.

        * Evade Changes: Using an evade effect gives you 100% chance to dodge incoming attacks; each time you dodge an attack your chance to dodge further attacks is reduced by a stacking 20-25% (based on skill level) for the duration of the evade's 3-turn duration. This means you will always dodge the first attack used against you after an evade, but that chance to dodge further attacks decreases quickly with each dodge.

        * @stance: This new command allows a character to swap between offensive or defensive weapon stances, which in some cases may change how a weapon behaves in MCombat. Presently this only affects shields; changing your stance will have no effect while not wielding one. See shield changes below.


        * Polearm:

        Has been slightly tweaked; though it has the same effects as previously, the manner in which these effects are paired has been changed:

        - The 'Gain Critical Points' effect from ability #1 has been paired with the 'Heal on Crit' effect from ability #2 instead of the 'Crit ATK Up' effect. This removes the polearm's notorious 'opening burst' which was honestly too powerful for an attack that requires no setup, but also makes it considerably easier for a polearm user to gain some 'emergency heals' when needed, something polearm was previously lacking.

        - The 'Focus per Turn' effect from ability #3 has been paired with the 'DEF Up' effect from ability #2. This moves 'Focus per Turn' into the main hand slot, meaning it's no longer lost when pairing the spear with a shield, which should help mitigate spear-and-shield tank's historically bad focus gain (and thus Taunt uptime).

        - This leaves 'ATK Up' and 'Crit ATK Up' to be paired in the #3 slot. These pair really well as it stands for damage dealing polearm wielders and requires both hands for the polearm, which fits well altogether.

        The idea overall here was to make the polearm less of a 'glass cannon' weapon. Previously polearm could start the fight with an exceptionally high opening burst, simply popping piercing strike (#1) for 30 free critical points coupled with a Crit ATK Up buff which could often open up for up to 70% of an evenly skilled opponent's fatigue. Since this could be done on the first turn and didn't require any setup, there was essentially no way for the defending character to predict when it was going to come and counter it with defensive abilities. After that opening, however, polearm was fairly lacklustre, with self healing that was unreliable and difficult to set up along with Focus gain low enough that you often never got off a focus attack during a fight. This change looks to address all of the above, taming the opening burst by forcing a spearman to use the 'Free Criticals' and 'Crit ATK Up' abilities on different turns (thereby allowing someone to spot it coming and use a defensive ability) but also allowing the spearman to last longer himself by granting him a chunk of free criticals to pair with his 'Heal on Crit' effect - if done on a turn when several quick cards are already on hand, this can set up a couple critical streak attack sequences in a row providing for a good chunk of self healing. At the same time, for spear-and-shield tanks, it trades off some offense in exchange for focus gain, which should make it more viable for threat holding. Focus gain remains a weak point on the polearm, but no weapon should excel at all 3 card types.

        * Shield:

        Has been been tweaked again as we try to find a happy balance where it can be used in either an offensive or defensive role without needing access to a specific stance to make it viable.

        - The new @stance command allows a character to swap between an offensive and defensive stance if a shield is equipped.
        - While in the offensive stance (default) a shield gives the #3 ability 'Shield Smite' and uses the Focus Attack of your main hand weapon.
        - While in the defensive stance, a shield gives the #3 ability 'Intercept' and uses the Focus Attack 'Shield Slam', you also inflict and receive -20% damage.
        - As the benefits of the Soldier style are now universal, this style has been changed. It now grants +10 Focus Per Turn and +10% ATK Up, or +10% DEF Up if in the defensive stance.

        * Styles:

        Four new @styles have been added; Guardian, Vanguard, Scout and Dark Knight. What they do and how to obtain them, only time will tell...

        BUG FIXES

        * Fixed a bug where evading an attack would cause you to always evade every following attack in that attack sequence
        * The MCombat script now checks for buffs and debuffs in between every attack instead of only at the start of an attack sequence. This fixes a number of bugged Focus Attacks that would not receive the benefits of their buffs until after the turn they were being used (eg; swordonehand and swordtwohand) as well as any focus attacks which inflict debuffs or remove buffs from a target (eg; polearm).

        StoryHost Kurzon
        Castle Marrach Staff

        The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.