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Invasion Event: Fury of the Black Dame

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  • Invasion Event: Fury of the Black Dame

    Denizens of Castle Marrach beware!

    The invasion event:
    Fury of the Black Dame has commenced. While this event is in progress, hostile wisps and specters created of manifest hatred exist all over the Inner and Outer Bailies. Destroy all the wisps and apparitions to restore peace and order to the castle.


    ~ Wisps of Hatred (Non-martial) ~
    • Wisps of hatred appear around the castle. Entering a room with a wisp will automatically lower your sanity, and in addition, wisps pulse periodically, lowering the sanity of any player characters in the room. If sanity reaches 0%, you will fall under the curse of hatred and attack nearby players.
    • Look through a room's exit to check if there is a wisp floating inside before entering.
    • Check your sanity using the 'health' command.
    • The altars in the OB Shrine and IB chapel can be meditated at to restore your sanity.
    • Numerous magic abilities can destroy the wisps.
    • NON-MAGIC CHARACTERS: The 'curious wooden boxes' spread around the castle contain stones that can be thrown at the wisps to destroy them. Tap the box to collect a stone.
    • The stones in the curious boxes are limited quantity! Provide Master Orson with the reagents he needs to replenish the stock else risk being overwhelmed by the wisps.
    ~ Shades of Hatred (Martial) ~
    • Hatred apparitions appear around the castle. These are fightable MCombat 4.1 CNPCs.
    • These creatures are ethereal and cannot be harmed normally, but certain types of weapons or magic abilities can harm them, or even enchant your weapons to be able to hit them.
    • MCombat fatigue does not restore automatically at the start of live combat matches, but will slowly regenerate over time after a fight. Pace yourself and let others tackle some of the monsters, or risk being injured by pushing too hard.
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