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The Alchemist and the Shadow: Chapter III Conclusion

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  • The Alchemist and the Shadow: Chapter III Conclusion

    Hi all,

    So this evening (or last night) saw the conclusion of the 3rd chapter of The Alchemist and the Shadow, a story focused on a contest between the loyal subjects of Queen Vivienne and the dark and mysterious group of magi known as the Sortarian Triangle, as they both seek to create the legendary Philosopher's Stone.

    This chapter began as a quest to find Master Quilp and return him to Marrach to repair an ancient clockwork golem abandoned centuries ago by the Triangle's Alchemist, with the hope of learning more about their enemy's plans for the Philosopher's Stone. The quest evolved into a journey to the ruins of a distant future Castle Marrach in search an ancient tome, within which valuable information about Marrach's mysterious enemy had been collected by some as-of-yet unknown author. The information gleaned from these two quests would lead our protagonists to the heart of the afterlife in search of the magical waters of Mnesomyne, which could help locate the final ingredient of the Philosopher's Stone, the Essence of the Dragon. As both sides raced to obtain the final remaining ingredient for the Philosopher's stone, a twist betrayal from within the Triangle led to two separate confrontations, one with the Alchemist himself, and another with his most powerful Alchemical weapon; the Black Knight, concluding the chapter with a dark revelation about the nature of Mount Ardan, and a final (hopefully tragic) battle in the Heart of the Mountain.

    Hopefully all involved enjoyed the story we provided, and also found ways to use it as a medium to write their own. I was particularly excited to play out the conclusive Keterin scene and Haylee reveal, both of which I've been sitting on since the first chapter of the plot (and had to smirk to myself a little when the PCs were proposing resurrecting Haylee as a means of winning over Renart, knowing what I did at the time).

    So what happens now?

    Well, Staff is going to be taking a short (and needed) breather on that particular front. I'm going to need a day or two to exhale after the last few days of CM, and then we'll start the Knight's Challenge and focus on running that to completion (it's actually overdue to commence now, due to this plot chapter running a bit over schedule). While we run the Knight's Challenge we'll also be finishing up the preparations for Chapter IV of the Triangle plot, which we're looking to run as soon as the Knight's Challenge ends. Chapter IV will resume where the story left off at the Heart of the Mountain conclusion, returning most of the characters and unfinished story arcs from the first three chapters and should be roughly as big as Chapter III in terms of planned content.

    Thanks all for participating and happy gaming.
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    Thank you. And the rest of the staff. While some of us players pulled up to fifteen hour sessions to see the plot from beginning to end, some of us with two, maybe three characters... that really pales in comparison to the Herculean efforts of staff to not only create and prep the playgrounds for these stories, but run them, anticipate how best to open them up to players, answer fourteen PCs trying to have meaningful hero moments at once, fix OOC issues and bugs on the fly - all while playing multiple characters for as long as, if not longer than the players involved.

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      What he said! You guys put so many hours in, we cannot thank you enough.
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        agreed! thanks so much for everything that went into this, everyone!



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