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Impromptu Interactions That Require Staff

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  • Impromptu Interactions That Require Staff

    Good evening,

    I have seen a few assists over time that are effectively players trying to interact with items, VPs, NPCs, that may be in an area and not possessed. Moe, sleeping Bertram, shadows, emits, etc. We're all for responding to players when they try these things, but in order for you to get responses, we need some heads up. Rather than an assist notifying us you're doing X.

    Most of the time Staff is working on things in the background, asleep or simply enjoying their own Player Characters, and it's unfair to you and us to expect an immediate response to a impromptu action. It jars us from our work or play and it keeps you from getting a response, which sucks all around.

    In the future, if you wish to interact with these things, please give us some kinds of heads up a few days before. This way, we can try to get something planned and scheduled so your character can get a response other than "X is not responding." or "Y doesn't work". A lot of times, if we have some advanced warning of things your character wants to try we can set something up or guide you in a way that it may work better or just let you know that it won't work at all before you put a lot of time into it.

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    Understandable. Thanks for all that you guys do.
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