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  • Ciao....again


    I have left and come back many times in hopes that the CM spark would reignite, unfortunately this is not the case. I wish that it did, this can be a very enjoyable game. I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few amazing people and had a lot of fun. Like everything else, it has its good points and bad points. I am not going to get into what I feel are the bad points but with all the amazing changes that have been made, there is still an undertow of something that just isn't fun for me.
    Will I pop back on? Maybe. For now, real life demands a lot of my time.
    I just hope that everyone has fun, enjoy what the game does have to offer, and remember it is just a game.
    Be good, if not, be really bad! Try and burn the castle will you?

    Kerry (Aloria)

    Courtier to Her Majesty's Royal Court
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    Housekeeper to Lord Vestio's Household

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    Take care, enjoy real life!
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