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This isnt an airport; no need to announce your departure

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  • This isnt an airport; no need to announce your departure

    But sometimes it is?

    Been a wild (nearly) 12 years with you all and thank you so much for the stories, the opportunities and the adventure. Honestly, been amazing to have roleplayed with some of you, to be able to call on this community when in need - but also to just have some of my dearest friends here. Who knew when I crafted some nerdy little tailor, aged 18, that he'd end up where he is now and how life is now. Weird.

    Been a complete blast but, in the end, life has sort of moved on to other pastures. A new job, moving house again and it just felt right to draw a curtain over it for the foreseeable future.

    Those of you who want to stay in touch, you know how.

    Happy explosions ya'll.
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    Thanks for the stories, Louis. You will be missed.


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      Oh, I didn't realize this plot was a permanent one! I regret I have been able to RP with you these past few years, but I enjoyed the times we have had before that. I hope that life treats you well and that you are moving on to happy and great things ahead.

      We'll miss you, but a candle is burning in the window for Anton should he ever feel the pull to return.



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        PS... I don't think Anton's death with the trunk falling on his foot can ever be topped, even by an explosion


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          I will miss those early morning encounters between Charm and Anton. Now I'm glad we had THAT scene a couple of weeks ago. Something to make me laugh when I think of Anton instead of being sad.

          All the best Louis, I can track you down if I need to. I trust the house move goes well and you defeat the UK real estate transactional monsters.


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            Ella is going to miss Anton! But also, you will be missed. I hope all goes well with your move and wish you and your wife many blessings!


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              Maybe one day we'll finally have that painting session ...

              Will miss that anemic little fellow a lot, I hope you do decide to return one day. Enjoy real life and good luck with everything!


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                Thank you for all the rp and support over the years! We'll see you in other windows.


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                  Originally posted by Vestio View Post
                  Thank you for all the rp and support over the years! We'll see you in other windows.
                  What he said!

                  Also, Diana I think you mean Arian.

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                    Wishing you the very best in the change of direction! I hope it all goes very well!

                    You and Anton will be missed, thank you for many great years of RP!

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