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The [OOC Page] and You

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  • The [OOC Page] and You

    Hello! Amitiel here!

    Often times, there is a bit of confusion as to the proper usage of the OOC Page command @page in Castle Marrach, especially as pertaining to roleplay and setting up roleplay. Firstly, a general blanket statement:

    OOC Page is an Out of Character tool, utilized to communicate between players, not characters.

    The usage of OOC page can vary, obviously, from person to person. Examples of valid usage of OOC page include, but are not limited to:
    • Chatting about your day, sharing funny pictures, or greeting an old friend.
    • Asking a fellow player’s ideas about a particular plot you wish to work together on
    • Clarifying what a character might see were the player in their shoes. This is useful, but not limited to: wounds, situations regarding more intricate proximity, and walking into scenes in progress, etc
    • Cutting down on @ooc spam by speaking only to the individual privately out of character

    Examples of usage of the OOC page that are not considered valid in game:
    • Inviting someone into a scene when they could not realistically have happened across it. For example: [OOC Page] from [Amitiel]: “Hey Yeoman Robo! Someone just stabbed this guy! You should do your patrols >_>” - This is never okay. The same applies to contacting healers. This is the definition of OOC/IC crossover.
    • Coaxing someone into events or bells. This can be relayed through in game postings on the forums or simply approaching the individuals in game in character. Usage of Pages for this reason is also considered OOC/IC crossover.
    • Inviting someone OOCly for in game TS or Text Sex. Propositioning someone OOCly for in game roleplay through pages is considered OOC/IC crossover. Adding sexual conduct into the mix with someone runs the risk of harassment, especially if you are not completely close to the individual you’re propositioning.
    • Paging a player to “bring out this character” and play. This is, once more, OOC/IC crossover. Some individuals may be fine with you giving them a nudge to come online, especially if they play a lot of characters. The safe way to play this is to never assume. Unless someone has given you consent to speak to them in pages for this request, don’t do it.

    The general rule of OOC pages, to be honest, is consent. @page consent and @page block are wonky sometimes. You may appear blocked when in fact someone has turned pages completely off or “busy”. So what do you do? The three A’s
    • Accept it - do not seek out the individual in game and speak to them OOC - this is circumnavigating what could be a legitimate block of your page and is subject to a warning from the StoryGuides
    • Act in character - Ask yourself what message you’re trying to convey out of character, and make it happen IN character. Roleplay.
    • And move on - Yeah, the A on that one is a stretch. But your inability to page a particular individual isn’t going to make or break the game for anyone. In the end, you are playing this game to play your character. Paging another individual is a privilege and a tool to enhance the game in rare situations. Like any privilege, it can be removed if it is abused.

    Any questions about this can be sent to myself, through an @assist, or by posting below.

    Happy gaming!
    ~StoryGuide Amitiel