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    Can we do something to change the requirements for duckcalls and healers whistles from honored to established commoner or even to include them in the welcome package. I'm going to be honest needing to be a honored guest to call for help in a emergency is a bit or a steep requirement and before someone says well new players can abuse this well that gets dealt with in game.

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    Perhaps, if it were not too much work - a smaller version of said calls and whistles?
    I will be honest, in what I have seen ICly is that no-one seems to care who has these safety tools so long as they are not being abused.
    Or perhaps have it be a necessity of guilds/groups to provide their members? Just some thoughts to add.

    Just a couple of thoughts.


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      I would like to agree, but then again...I do not.

      Taite had a duck call made, and it had to be ordered through Lilly (Royal Jeweler). The same as the Awakener's necklaces. Any piece of guild or household jewelry or vestment that allows one into the Inner Bailey, they all require *magic* and have to be 'specially made.' If any jeweler could make duck calls and healer whistles, that means all would have access to this *magic* that makes the item special.

      Taite had gotten one shortly after waking because someone was 'getting too close for comfort'. If you saw Zeke, you would kind of understand why Taite wasn't comfortable. So, Josie had given Taite her duck call to help keep her protected, and then Josie had asked Galatea for another shortly after. If everyone had access to this kind of magic, an experience such as this would not have happened.

      Honestly, I think it would be better to put a bell that everyone had access to, much like some bells around the castle summon pages. A huge note is put up which explains 'Do not ring bell unless there is an emergency. If misused, there will be consequences' or something like that. That way, when there is danger, people know where to go. I would, honestly, vote for a bell that does the same as the duck call or the healer whistle rather than giving everyone a piece of magical jewelry.

      But that is my opinion.

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        I completely agree with TatchSalvin and Nariseth. Some method of calling for healers and also of calling for martial aid needs to be included in the welcome package, or maybe given to Welcomed Guests, or at the very least, Established Guests. Danger can strike at any time. It's only decent and sensible that the most vulnerable population, the Newly Awakened, have access to help in emergencies.
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          I absolutely agree. I do not see the need for rank and privilege for those who likely have means to defend themselves. A simple Healer Whistle and Duck Call as a welcome package perhaps after they finish their Newly Quest I think would be a great idea.


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            Try doing something in game about it? You're obviously aware of the crafters who can craft them so take your case to them and make an appeal, or try to go through the Chambers to see if the guidelines can be amended for the safety of the Realm. This is a good roleplay opportunity for the Awakeners slash Healers slash apparent others who support the idea.


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              This is definitely something to look into In Character. That being said, not every single solitary person needs a duckcall or healers whistle, and I'm fairly sure (unless it changed) any jeweler should be able to make a duckcall or healer's whistle. We had a 'community' one available for everyone to use in the OB at one time, until criminal-types thought it cool to blow it a lot. In fact, ICly duckcalls may have restrictions due to some insane abusive tactics used at one point that required staff to come in and code a restriction on how often you can use them. Also, just some ancient history, the only way you used to be able to get these things without being in the Watch as a Deputy was to be in Court or have favor.

              A problem I'm seeing occur frequently is the amount of things people think their characters are entitled to. It's a little bizarre, because this is a game with hierarchy, restrictions, etc. If it was any other game these things would be hard coded. Can't use duckcall until level 10, and then you might have to do side quests.

              Think of it this way maybe...

              A duckcall is an object which lets the user summon the Castle Guard.
              In most cases, a Castle Guard is beholden those who live in the court and their respective captains, not just any commoner.

              Fortunately, you can try to exercise favor (I know, it seems like a bothersome thing to 90% of players these days), but try getting in with a jeweler or a courtier. If you don't, try going straight to Launfal or getting someone who has clout to go to him and see it amended or something done. We need more people to react IC and try to attain things IC before bringing it to the forums. I play a handful of characters and none of them get approached about things that people bring up as issue on the forums, and I promise I have a character who is good for most situations. There's quite a few who are willing to lend a hand, but a lot of the time people haven't tried those venues.

              That being said, I don't think Tatch, with his record, would get a duckcall or whistle anyway, but hey - there is definitely a character somewhere who wouldn't care if Tatch got one and would get it for him for the right price.
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                Agreed, in character. Or find someone of rank to help you obtain one.