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Sorry for being MIA!

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  • Sorry for being MIA!

    Some of you know I was sick a couple of weeks back with a mild flu. I got better, and dropped back into CM for a few days before getting sidelined again with worse flu symptoms.

    I got tested for COVID-19 last Wed., and I got the results yesterday morning that it was positive.

    On the whole, I'm doing okay. I can say this virus is no joke. My main problem is exhaustion and difficulty breathing. I'm home, barricaded in my den with a bed, but getting up to a computer is difficult.

    I am feeling better, and think I'm outside any risk of danger.

    Things are crazy all over right now. I hope that all of my friends here are doing well. I'll be back soon. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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    OMG!!!! <3 My thoughts are with you!!

    I am exhausted and I have difficulty breathing, but part of it is me staying up late and drinking coffee to help with my breathing, and the other part is I'm asthmatic.

    In January, I woke with a charlie horse. I went to take some potassium, and I felt a cold wash over me. I had a panic attack. Ever since then, my breathing has been a little off.

    It also doesn't help that I smoke.

    But yeah, get better soon!!! We need your awesomeness to help whoop some Triangle ass! <3
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      Praying for you and wishing you a speedy recovery. We miss you and will be here to welcome you back when you're ready.
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        Hang in there! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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          Glad to hear you are on the mend, and keeping safe. So sorry you had to go through that.
          -StoryPlotter Yuuta


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            You are in my thoughts of course. Do all you can to get well and keep your family safe. Well, duh, as if you are not doing that already.

            I heard a few spoons of raw onion juice does wonders. Yuck! Loads of raw veggies and fruit sounds much more appealing.

            Hope to see you soon. We'll save a couple of monsters for you!

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              Sorry to hear of this, but glad you are doing better. Please take care of yourself. The game will be here when you are ready to return,
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