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Seclusion and me

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  • Seclusion and me

    So me and my various alts are MIA from now until an unknown future due to seclusion at home. I'm having to use a work laptop for home and it's closer monitored by my work, ironically more so than my work desktop from work >.> so my normal play times went from often to near nil.

    I'll have my phone for mobile contacting through discord or otherwise. Those who need me know how to reach me easy. Emergency logins CAN happen if I'm contacted and available but I'll need to use an html 5 client on my iPad (my personal pc is in poor shape) and that's tough to rp on for me.

    Once everything starts to get more normal, I'll be back to normal hours. Sorry for the timing, as I know a lot of people were icly depending on dolphs training and such. I'll try to find times to come on for you but it's a very hard-to-guess time.

    Keep safe everyone. Enjoy the plot
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    Stay safe!
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      Understood. Tine will be waiting for you when you get back. Anything you need her to do meanwhile - you know how to contact me.

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