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    The password reset feature, unfortunately, is not automated. Historically, when we had the ability to reset passwords, it was because the original Skotos Tech engineer who set up TWiki for us would manually reset those passwords once the request was sent to him. We haven't had the ability to do that since he left Skotos quite some years ago.

    My suggestion is to save your TWiki credentials in your @recall -- I do this on every character I play.
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      I entered every single password I used in 2007 into the wiki. Then I realised it was case-sensitive and repeated the process a second time, which finally worked. Safely saved in Chrome's password list now.

      Other than apparently losing access to user groups, I now seem to have it all working,.


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        See the sticky post which might be helpful.

        The user groups would have copied over on May 29 when Kurzon announced the new twiki. If anyone made changes to the old twiki since then, before it got shut down, they would not have copied over.

        Also, you have been missing for a number of years. You were probably removed from various groups in that time.

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          To say that I was missing for a few years is one way to put it...



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