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    Household Guards are MCombat functional CNPCs representing the armed military force belonging to a specific noble household. Like any other MCombat CNPC, household guards vary in type and level, though as of this posting we only have a few. Household Guards can be requisitioned by use of a 'writ of commission', currently purchasable from Dame Rosemarie for Household War Contribution points.

    Household Guards will automatically take on colors and traits associated with the noble who redeem their writ, which can only be done in the Army Barracks in the OB, and only by a noble character. Once summoned, Household Guards will automatically join any live (non-practice) mcombat battle that begins in the same room as them, just as a standard MCombat CNPC, and just as other CNPCs, they do not count towards the 'player limit number' in an MCombat battle. If Household Guardsman is defeated in MCombat, he will perish and be lost.

    Presently, Household Guards will only accept orders from the noble to whose house they belong. Over time we intend to add more complexity and commands to these guards, including the ability to issue specific attacks and targets in battle, but for now they act as standard MCombat CNPCs and will fight automatically based on their AI threat system.

    Accepted Commands:

    Follow; The guard will follow you when able - note that standard follows do not work through many specially coded exits such as portals which can sometimes cause you to lose them
    Follow <name>; The guard will begin following a named PC, if they are present in the room with you
    Stay; The guard will cease following
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    Not sure if this is related to the CNPC's or MCombat or what but the other day when a group went out to the northern forest a group of players did there @mc 'ready and got into combat with a group of monsters. One of the players right near the start of the fight DCed and was dropped from the fight and an NPC yeoman joined on the side of the players. I, as a sorcerer, was waiting to do an @mc 'join after the fight got going but couldn't after the start because the team was full and after the other player DCed and the Yeoman joined, the party was still full.

    Even stranger at a point in the fight one of the player characters had to retreat to avoid getting wounded, but the game still regarded the fight as full of people.

    This is one of those things that as a player it's hard for me to test specifics to find out if some bug was at play here or not it depends on there being more players than max party size.

    But it did seem like @mc 'ready lets one size group of people and @mc 'join seems to be counting a different number as max.
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