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    hey everyone, sorry i've not been around much this past week or so. it seems like in the interrim this friday has been decided on for the underworld trip, and as that's probably a much more suitable time for most people i'm happy to leave it there. i'll try and make sure there's enough information left to the people who are available to go! sorry if i miss anything.

    (sorry i somehow put this in chronicles? lol whoops)

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    Hmm, was it not supposed to be Friday? Someone told me that's what had been agreed upon, so that's what I posted earlier.
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      This was my mistake. I understood this to be a "must happen by the end of the moon" time constraint between Getheaht's and Zaedra's visits and was prompted in-game to coordinate schedules with the Conclave and communicate them back to Melle. We chose the last possible day to give enough lead time and confirmed with staff but... Melle's player and I just chatted this morning and work schedule is a no-go.

      Is this something that could reasonably take place later next month when Melle's player can lead it?


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        don't worry, it's not like this was his idea. unless tomorrow's a bad day for other reasons i'd say go for it!



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