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  • Thanks for the Epicness

    That was a huge evening. Thank you so much to everyone. I'm kind of overwhelmed by most of it, and will have to read the logs back to see what the hell happened.

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    100% agree! I had to bail relatively early because I just could not keep my eyes open any longer but I was very impressed with the atmosphere, and also it was fantastic how much effort and care was put into making sure everyone felt like they had something to do. It was really great <3
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      Thanks to the efforts of the other players (and at least one cat), even 'running' an infirmary stayed exciting through a very long night. It was fun trying to find things for everyone to do at the start, but I think by the end, my healing (and advice to Fayne) was getting less inspired as my brain started to shut down. As Ammanas' player pointed out though, "Lack of sleep during an emergency is just doing method RP"

      It was very interesting to see how the stories got told through injuries and duck-calls, so I was trying to track a battle via patients. Kind of strange, kind of cool, kind of makes sense for a healer. And I loved watching Fayne develop from her slightly nervous start to wrangling guests by the time the big fight started.



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