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"Soul For Sale" - the scent of betrayal

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  • "Soul For Sale" - the scent of betrayal

    The short walk to work was swift and comfortable, the sun beaming down casting warm rays and strong shadows from the trees and houses, lighting the grass in the tiny park I ventured through to get there.
    However, something was not at all right, something was missing. The question was not what was missing, but why -- and how.

    I unlocked the door (alarm goes off with a menacing beep as I do so) and calmly enter the four digit code to confirm my authority.

    Inside all was quiet. And even the alarm was new. Even the keys to the door were new. All this was new, yet something was missing. I knew what, but at then I still knew not why, or how.

    As the only employee (besides from my boss), in solitude I spent the following couple of days, making phone calls to figure out why and how (sending emails that started out as friendly worry to menacing threats about sensitive bodyparts being twisted in all painful ways imaginable and beyond). Yesterday I did find out, but only partially.
    Today, it all dawned upon me.

    The man who grants me pay, who puts those plus-digits among all the minuses on my account, the man I not only call my boss, but also my trusted friend, vanished last wednesday.

    He was supposedly driving up to his brother in some errands (today I found out he never did go to his brother).
    Instead he left the country, with the full intent never to return.

    And what brought he? During the past months, he has been hoarding up cash by sending false invoices to not only his friends, but also fake companies, one in his wife's name, at a total of several tens of thousands of USD.

    At first, I felt no betrayal, no hurt. I was also at that point intent on making sure his butt was returned home so we could deal with the issue. At that point (yesterday) it appeared things could be solved. This was before I found the "extra" invoices to his wife's company (registered the 17th of april, charged for about 100+ hours of "consulting services", $100 per hour, starting merely five days thereafter (22nd)).

    When I realized he was truly leaving, and when I realized I would not see the money he owed me, a month and a half -- nearly two months of work in vain, I finally felt Betrayal. But not only that is my penalty of Trust. The income was somewhat insignificant considering my profession. What really held me there was the fact I needed the merits. Merits I will never see, from a company that is left to rot and wither and die away. A company I helped build.

    What at first appeared to be a man's panic-stricken escape slowly transformed into a plan set to work several months ago, although months in vain. I doubt not he will face punishment. And I will not protect him when that day comes. For his sake, I hope he can spend some of this sweet time in asia (where he fled). Because when the time is over, he, and his wife and their now 10 month old daughter (the cutest little girl in the world) will suffer for years.

    This is not a pity-me thread. In fact, there is nothing I want less than pity. To be quite frank, I don't feel pitiful, nor do I feel sad or depressed. I feel betrayed. It is a different feeling, one I am unsure if I have ever felt before. It is a new experience, on new ground. I cannot say I would have preferred this not to happen. I feel that I got away cheap, this time. At least so far. When the cops arrive to ask me questions, I hope Truth in my words will be obvious and undeniable.


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    I have to tell you Kalle, when we talked the other day on IM about everything that was going on, I began to guess that this might be what had happened, but didn't want to jump to conclusions.

    I'm not offering you pity, because you're far above it. I am offering you support and a friendly ear, as any friend would do. What he did was nothing short of cowardly, self-centered, and infuriatingly pathetic.

    I wish I had words to explain the response I had to this, but it was something akin to a cat which arches its back and hisses. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    *hugs tight* Take care dear, count your blessings... your skills can see you doing amazing things elsewhere.

    - Age


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      I really wish I was more supportive with what you're going through, and apologize if I didn't show it. But I truly am concerned, and I'm also amazed that you wouldn't lose your composure with this. What dangers may be in view if this happened to me?

      You can do anything, and the basket of your accomplishments will overflow day after day. We're all rooting for you!
      C a r r i e !


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        Kalle I am sorry to hear about what has happened. If you need anything feel free to call, know that I am rooting for you as well sweetie.

        *Huge hugs*
        *~Ranowan Ophidias~*
        Poets Brotherhood Patron
        Alumni of the LPA
        Poets Brotherhood Guildleader


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          *voices utter support*

          *big giant squishy hugs*

          Puss puss och kram ~

          A glutton for punishment.


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            Useless words of encouragment maybe, but the Universe will always provide for those that are true.

            Your days of sunshine will come.

            My good thoughts are with you...

            Dionar Elswyth

            Courtier of the Winter Court


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              I only just read this now. Wish I'd checked here sooner, but I haven't been around a whole lot recently as you know.

              All I really have to say is that I hope things work out in the end for you Kalle, and I really hope that this guy's family doesn't suffer too dearly for his mistakes, but, sadly, I don't doubt they will.

              Betrayal has got to be one of the worst things ever, and though I can't say I can relate you can bet I'm here if you need anything.

              Take it easy man. Hope you're doing alright.

              Simply a friend,
              "Enjoy Life. There's plenty of time to be dead."



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