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    Tried this as well. Unfortunately, there is a sleepy Court of Honor that semi-exists and turns relevant plots/duels into dormant ones.

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      In regards to the last few posts:

      This thread is, as I see it, a useful thread containing various kinds of information for new players. All this information is very basic, such as parser use, commands, rules about IC and OOC information and so forth. There is also a little about RP stuff, such as hosting socials or understanding the IC hierarchy.

      This is miscellaneous useful information, provided as a service. It is not really a good basis for having a discussion about how things work. This muddles the issue for new players, who mostly just need a reference guide.

      By all means, discuss anything you like. If you have suggestions, criticism or praise, post it. I just don't think that this particular thread is a good basis for such things. My advice is starting a new forum thread.
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        Because I'm seeing so many people waking, I would like to bring this forward. (And also because I was checking the Awakener's links and found this.)

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