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You know you are addicted... #3

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  • You know you are addicted... #3

    You know you are addicted when....

    ... you have dreamt of Marrach for four nights running as your character ... dreaming of tailoring clothing for people, including Martel, Alrik, Zia and Quilp. Not to mention dreaming of meeting Queen Vivienne and charming the socks off of her and the court in general.

    ... you specifically begin to look at the clothing of the people around you, trying to classify the fabrics and noting what kinds of colors they are wearing... and you don't really realize you are doing it at first.

    ... you see a sage car and think, "Gosh, sage is actually a very pretty color. I'm glad it's an apprentice color."

    ... you see a bright orange shirt on a black woman and think, "Wow, that looks really good. I have to make an orange shirt for Faer."

    ... you have a playful argument with a friend over whether or not corduroy is a natural fabric or not.

    ... you decide that you just have to share these oddities with the rest of the Marrach players.

    ~Sara's player
    "Where does innocence end and naivety begin?"
    Handmaiden to Queen Vivienne
    Apprentice to Mistress Ermengarde

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    Oh geez, I am addicted! I dream of Marrach all the time. And think about it to, of Lavinya's relationship, her career and my other char's too. When, I cant play, like when Im working, I espically think about it! I think I need to go Marrach Anyomous (MA) *Anita stands up and says 'My name is Anita and Im addicated to Castle Marrach!'*

    ~Anita---fellow addict~
    ~Lavinya Acacia Calliope~

    Battler, Seeker, member of the dance academy, and aprentice hairstylist.


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      One time

      One time, in the fuzzyness of a dream, I tried to tune in my local NPR raido station hoping to catch the latest installment of the Castle Marrach raido adventure....
      Strange, I actually started tuning the raido in too...

      Darren Brimhall


      • #4
        You know when you're addicted is when instead of buying any new mousepad, but just had to get the Castle Marrach mousepad (which looks very, very cool) just so that it matches the Castle Marrach desktop setup...

        (I fear the day there's a Castle Marrach screen-saver...)



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          screen saver... I wonder how that would work....

          Letters fading in and out of the screen... perhaps showing snipits of actual game play... after text fades out, a picture that was drawn for that set of text appears... for the that that has pictures. After that it shows some more text appears.

          Emris Eineroror the Scientist
          ME of SAND

          Is it the only way?
          visit a Random Site!


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            A tale of addiction....

            So, I get approached by an SP to see if I want the bookbinding gig. I think about it for several nanoseconds before answering "yes".

            Of course, being the geek I am, I do a bit of a crash research program so I can bafflegab my way through some questions about bookbinding. I find web sites about bookbinding and read up on some terminology and technique.

            Suddenly I find myself fascinated with the field. It's really quite interesting -- I had never considered how complex and potentially satisfying bookbinding could be.

            Now I'm very seriously considering making it my RL hobby, not just a CM thing....


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              I dream my character every night. The phone rang this morning, and I was thinking "Wow--we have phones in Marrach? When I got up I was trying to remember what action to use to answer it.

              I compromise my sleep by staying up until whatever hour if there is something even *remotely* interesting going on (last night---3 am. And I have to get up at 6:30. And the earliest I've been to bed this week is 1..).

              I started seriously plotting on not only going to gencon, but how to buy a dress, wig and green contacts in the next two weeks.

              When I became Aspirant Chronicler, I called all of my friends elatedly, who pointedly told me I definitely need to seek help.

              I work on my chronicling scrolls, poems and plots while I'm at work. I rescheduled a meeting to write a poem on behalf of Angron's leaving on the *chance* I would have the opportunity to give it to him last night.

              I said "God ye Good Den" and "Grammercy" to a co-worker.

              I seriously have to resist the urge to get up and curtsey when someone walks in the room.

              I no longer see the text. Its all happening somewhere deep inside my head.

              It's bad.
              It's real bad.
              The yoke or the throne?


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                .... You spend more time at work reading forums and coming up with plots than doing real work

                .... you are half glad that there is a firewall blocking port 8080 at work, but only because you know you'd get fired if you were playing.

                .... you don't understand why people think dreaming about marrach is strange. Infact you have a Dream Journal in Game which is mostly composed of dreams your player has had

                ... you suddenly realize in the above statement you said your player, instead of RL
                Originally posted by Emris
                screen saver... I wonder how that would work....
                Screen saver is pretty easy, it's the desk top icons that are a pain to set up. At least I have my Master Quilp Trash Can. Only problem is each time I drag something into it, he pops out and tells me I'm a stupid human for deleting that file.

                ... I have one more, but I'm saving it for those people who want to learn languages for me *wink* Trust me though, it takes a true addict to come up with this.

                Addictedly mused by Ra'


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                  I know I'm addicted when everytime I go to write something or type a document I have this overwhelming urge to start the paragraph with say"

                  And if I call one more person a ser or sera RL they are going to call for the straight jacket


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                    Originally posted by Ra'Dorcha
                    Screen saver is pretty easy, it's the desk top icons that are a pain to set up. At least I have my Master Quilp Trash Can. Only problem is each time I drag something into it, he pops out and tells me I'm a stupid human for deleting that file.
                    RA!!! I want that icon!!!!!

                    Beside that... Hum... More signs that this tomboy is addicted???

                    When you no longer consider creating "Castle Marrach: The Manga" (or Comic Book) ... You already started it!

                    When people tell you that you need to get a life, you pause then say "But Marrach IS my life!"

                    When you dream about yourself as your character and it seems totally normal to you.

                    When 3/4 of you buddy list on ICQ (or any other chat client for that matter) are names of fellow Marrach players.

                    Because I'm proud to be an addict,


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                      I too also dream of marrack...
                      I also have to think of my actions in real life before I do them.....
                      There is just not enoughtime to live two lives one r/l and i/c
                      I feel like I should curtsy and call people Ser and Sera.....
                      Oh no they are going to take me away and lock me up


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                        there is a thread similar to this in TEC forums. Course it has a lot of "inside TEC" talk. But I think most of it is understandable, just as this is.


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                          Hi, all! I just couldn't resist replying to this I know you guys won't think I'm weird (like all my RL friends)
                          I regularly dream of the castle.
                          Recently, when the president of the company I work for came to our office, I REALLY struggled with the urge to curtsy respectfully to him.
                          I am forever calling people ser or sera.
                          And here's a new one: When I'm bored at work or family gatherings, I catch myself unintentionally 'look'ing at people (Aunt Denise is a tall, lithe woman with a tanned complexion. She has short, curly brown hair...
                          You get the idea

                          *sigh* I am hopelessly addicted!

                          See you all in the castle


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                            Do you people dream of Marrach as if it is a physical place that you are in, or do you dream of it in text?

                            Just curious, and somewhat fascinated.


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                              Originally posted by Santlar
                              Do you people dream of Marrach as if it is a physical place that you are in, or do you dream of it in text?

                              Just curious, and somewhat fascinated.
                              Actually, both happens to me!

                              The funny thing is that when I dream in text, that's usually some kind of premonition (don't tell me it never occured to you to dream about something, then it happens in real life, then you realise "OMG!!! I dreamed about that last night!!!").

                              When I dream as the castle as being a physical place, I either find myself as being my character (*pouts jealously* Damn... Umi does have nice legs after all... ) or as being a spectator, either another character sitting in the courtyard, looking at the scene for example, or an invisible one that doesn't really exist.

                              And I'm curious to know if fellow anime fans also dreamed about Marrach in anime style??? Alright, maybe I am insane after all... Say Helena, wanna share a room at the asylum if they lock me up too?




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