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A highly amused thank you

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  • A highly amused thank you

    to Corvis - your performance (as Jester Dagonet) this early morning was amazing - thank you for dropping by and amusing us all, I'm sure everyone present will agree, it was a much needed boost.
    Once again - thanks - I laughed my little socks off!

    Sorchaa Ame-du'Challis

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    It was a riot... unfortunately, Dariel is not the type for such base amusement, so I wasn't really as much of a participant as I would have liked to... still I had fun.

    Good going, Corvis.

    Have a nice day.
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      Kudos for Jester Dagonet

      Agreed...the appearance of Jester Dagonet was quite an enjoyable experience and quite a testament to why CM is such a wonderful place to be and to explore.
      SP Corvis and his employers should be EXTREMELY proud of his performance this added a breath of fresh air and lightened even the coolest of character personalitities.
      It should happen more often, that is, if SP Corvis can summon the strength to perform like he did this early morning.
      For those of you who missed it..keep your eyes peeled and your minds never know when the good jester may return and ask YOU to finish a rhyme or play a game, and it's SURE to make your day.
      Thanks Corvis... you made a lot of people much happier than they would have been gazing at a cloudy sky in a silent courtyard.
      Look out've got NOTHING like Dagonet!
      *calls out for SP Corvis to get a raise!*


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        Re: Kudos for Jester Dagonet

        Originally posted by Riven
        SP Corvis and his employers ........... [SNIP] .......... *calls out for SP Corvis to get a raise!*
        Storyplotters are volunteers, Riven. They get paid in thank-yous, attaboys, and kudos.

        So, to give Corvis a raise ... well, here is an Aussie acclamation:

        On ya, Corvis!

        Wish I had been there to see Dagonet.


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          well, I personaly didnt like the amusement, maybe I missed the funny parts. If it turns out its just not my type of humor ill have to study acting amused when im not, because maybe it is Kyle's type. Oh well, you gave others an emense satisfaction, so be proud and do it more often.

          Keep in touch, PM me with yahoo messneger. My ID is Fizgot. (and tell me who you are in CM so that I can know who Im talking to)


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            I'd give Corvis a raise, but I doubt he'd find me attractive enough.
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              AAAAAAH! Bad pun! Think of the children!


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                Ooooo Atamsama.. shame.

                You keep getting worse and worse...



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                  Heehee.... Atama, you put my thoughts into words -- and on the board of all things! shame shame....

                  As Stix said: 'Think of the children!'


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                    What? Think of the more importantly think of me...
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