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A little step for the tomboy and a big leap for the Poptart.

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  • asian8
    I sure am going to miss you. I'll make sure we spread lots of rumors about you while you are gone, and I will email you about them to keep you updated Good luck in school and take care. See you when you have time.

    *hugs* and lots of support


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  • Myrth

    Umi??? You're older than me? *runs, leaps, dives behind the nearest guard*

    Now I have to start acting weirder! Maybe Atama's rubbing off on you, you're rubbing off on me... when we get a big enough group, we can all pin every strange tendancy on him.

    Ack, cough hack... Tooooooo late. Even I get wierd...


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  • Stix
    Didn't need to know that, Atama.

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  • Umichan

    I knew you were going to say something like that... I'm not even surprised...

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  • Atama
    No saying she's got abducted by little green men from Uranus or something like that, ok?

    I'd like you to know that I wipe regularly, and no longer have this problem.

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  • A little step for the tomboy and a big leap for the Poptart.

    (*glances at the subject and grumbles* See Atama, your insanity is starting to mentally trouble me... )

    Greetings fellow Marrachians, adopted family, mortal enemies, et cetera.

    You've probably all seen Carmen's post a few days ago... Well, I'm posting something similar now... I too will be absent from the game for a week or two; I'm moving out of town because of college (yay!) and I'm guessing I'll need a couple of days to get adjusted to my new surroundings, to college life in general and stuff.

    I know many of you told me I'll probably have more free time than I used to in high school. It might be true. Well, no matter what, I am still unsure how much my gaming time will be affected. It all depends on the opening hours of the computer labs, especially since that might be the only place for me to get free internet access. In other words, I am not leaving the game (well, hopefully, I won't have to), but I might not be there as often as I used to.

    One thing is for sure, I'm going to miss a big bunch of you. Don't hesitate to send me PMs or emails or scrolls in game if you have questions, or only if you want to say hi. I'll try answering as soon as possible. For those who had to speak to Umi (including meetings, plots Umi is taking part in, practices, etc.), I am sorry I will not be as much available as I wished I was... I don't really have an IC reason either... But you know the rule in CM; real life comes first.

    So until my return, have fun in your roleplaying and don't spread too many rumors about my little sword-wielding maniac's disappearance (*looks pointedly at Atama* No saying she's got abducted by little green men from Uranus or something like that, ok?)... she'll most likely get pissed at you if you do.

    See you soon!
    Big hugs,

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