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  • Fighting with Rats?


    I just wanted to give a little headsup about the plot that is going on concerning the rats.

    First, it has so far been great fun. Everyone has been doing a terrific job of keeping my minions at bay, that is for certain. The sollutions have been very creative, and I commend you all for it.

    Just a couple things though: everyone please be aware that the rat NPCS have -alot- of people coming them at once. Give leeway for spam. I ask that everyone give a chance for 'action' and 'reaction'. A comman scene has been this:

    Rat appears.

    Frankie stabs rat painfully in the head with his sword.

    Rat dies.

    No fun for rats or anyone else except for Frankie. I'm all for heroism in this plot, but I simply ask that everyone gives the rats a chance to dodge and defend themselves -- they have been instructed to give the same leeway to you players. It just makes battling more fair and fun for everyone.

    Also, regarding the 'infections': You will know when you get sick. So just RP like you are fine and healthy (well, unless you're wounded). So far, the only thing that will bother you is that the infected area is rather itchy.

    If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

    Oh, also, if you have consent issues regarding getting infected or injured, then please notify us.

    Happy Gaming --

    SP Aeval
    Just pure Aevil.

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    Yeah, a hint for RP that worked pretty well for me (prior to death, of course) is:

    First step: approach the rat (you can't swing at a rat near the north wall with a stiletto when you stand near the south wall)

    Second step: swing your weapon (show some form of attack, this allows the rat's player a chance to react)

    Third step: if the reaction is the rat getting it, stab the rat. if not, follow through with your swing and try again

    Remember: using attacks that are not just 'stab rat', 'slice rat', etc, are helpful and nice because people can react and don't have to just ignore the attack as unrealistic. Use ones that can be responded to and reacted to. It's much more fun for both sides fighting.


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      I prefer to use at.

      Hack at, cut at, thrust at, stab at, chop at, slash at, swing at... I always try to use these anyway. It leaves the results open for the target to RP.

      Edit: Oh, and I tend to specify the weapon, too - "with my blade", "with my sword", "with my club"...
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        I added a few adverbs, such as almost, barely, hopefully. I think those are helpful in offering the rats possibilities to use.
        Armina d'Arowe


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          I got rejected a bunch of times because certain words aren't allowed.

          Possible choices:
          "Swing AT rat."
          "Swing TOWARDS rat."

          Gets boring typing those after a while, so that shortly leads to:

          "Impale Rat."
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            It takes a lot of practice to get the instinct for what works and what doesn't.

            I still file an average of 5 socials per 30 minutes of sparring or fighting. ;P
            Priam: You know what's a bad idea?
            Kyramor: Not usually


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              I'd also like to point out that when a rat starts crawling *on* a person, you probably should stop swinging and stabbing swords at it.


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                Yeah, that first night it took me a while to understand what was happening! (thanks Bri!)

                Good advice...swing for the body, or the legs, blah, blah, blah. More fun to draw the whole thing out for a bit.
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                  Fighting even one-on-one takes good situational awareness; fighting several rats at once, with up to a dozen others present, is frankly impossible to do perfectly. You can focus on one rat, two at most, and hope that others are doing their best as well - but any scene with so much action going on will get chaotic and confused, through no real fault of the participants.
                  Priam: You know what's a bad idea?
                  Kyramor: Not usually


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                    Another thing, just because a rat appears, doesn't mean you have to attack it. Of all the rats I saw, I attacked two, and only killed one, this isn't by any means a complaint, but what I'm saying is give everyone a chance to fight then back off for awhile, sharing is caring


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                      Personly I like to use non deadly things as well, like "Kick rat forcefully" "Pin rat with my sword" (to hold it for others), and "distract rat with my lamp"
                      On that last note, kudos to rats still fearing open flame. Its a trick john (and a rare few others with more than a candle) have used in the past, and its nice to see it still works at making them keep their distance.


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                        I fail in the excitement of the moment to follow my own advice all the time. However, I'll pass it on anyway.

                        Perform the action, not the result.

                        "Stab at rat" is an action.

                        "Stab the rat" is a result.


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                          you mean the rats are NPCs? wow... I thought it was a player... because if its an NPC why should it not have consent on, since it is a combat rodent... I tried to grab it and sink my sword into it, but it wouldnt let me, so I tried to change verbs in hopes that the player would notice that I was trying to sink it (with my sword) and ended up killing the rat.

                          I figured out they had an auto die ... but I didnt realize they were NPCs.

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                            They were player controlled, not CNPCs (computer NPCs). Technically NPCs, but not CNPCs.

                            StoryPlotter Geist


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                              oh no, and if I lag really bad or lose my connection (without closing the CM window and my body ghosts for 15 minutes) then I could die... that's sad.

                              Keep in touch, PM me with yahoo messneger. My ID is Fizgot. (and tell me who you are in CM so that I can know who Im talking to)



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