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  • To conflict or NOt to conflict...

    ... that, my virtual friends, IS the question of the day.

    I have heard that many folks out there want something to do, something that entertains them, and yet, some seem unsure on how to go about doing that.

    Let me offer some suggestions. First and foremost, every story needs a villian, or as the villian would think of it in an abstract way, a Champion for their cause.

    So, where can you get ideas that might help you to bring interesting conflict to the game? Well, first you could take a look at this interesting Link It is long, but very very informative for those of you that want to bring some conflict to yourself and the game.

    My second suggestion is this. Look at what is available in the game. There are societies established that have animosity between groups. Duelists and Watch, Forgetters and Rememberers, Muses and Poets. You can create a character that has ambition. The Winter Watch is the perfect place for this and can be utilized to your advantage, if you know how to be manipulative. I have seen some awesome Roleplay by several players here who are using ambition to get where they want.

    Honestly, we need players who are not afraid to burn one bridge to gain other benefits. Take for instance, Roland. Granted he was originally ran by a StoryHost, but let me tell you, Roland was a brusque man, and yet was highly favored by Petris when Petris was still the corporal.

    Having everyone hug and kiss and be brotherly just makes for a crowded tea party.

    I dare you... try to see the other side and become manipulative and gain your goals, err.... you character goals by getting your hands dirty.

    I think you might be surprised at what happens.

    And on a final note here, sometimes a fall to your character could actually reward you in other ways. Not only in enriched RP, but also in other rewards in the game.
    This Section is entirely OOC:
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    "Boredom is the fear of self." ~ Comtesse Diane
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    Something for all the villains out there to consider. =)


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      Re: To conflict or NOt to conflict...

      Originally posted by Faer Honestly, we need players who are not afraid to burn one bridge to gain other benefits.
      I wanted to point this out to some of our older players. Specificly because it means keep your eyes open. If you see someone with a match in hand, putting it to a bridge, then bring along some kindling. Take those newer characters and help them burn the bridges.

      Why, you might ask. Because you will then show them the other way across the abyss. A duelist who hears someone talking badly about the watch should be feeding that fire, inviting the person to Duelist practices, giving them some rewards for burning the bridge.

      Reward those with the gumption to put matches to bridges. If you do, see how quickly they will want to burn down more.

      Don't look back, look forward.

      -StoryPlotter Xios, the newlie awakened StoryPlotter
      p.s. Where can I get a sword?
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      -StoryHost Xios


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        However remeber that sometimes when you become or act like a villen, not just that one aspect you are dealing with becoumes effected. It is not common for two people to opose one and another on something. And then the loser(or sometimes the winner) will do all in there power not only to burn a bridge, but to find and burn all the bridges that the other person had. In short what I am saying is this, we need conflict and villans, but we do not need a responce like an overwhelming hammer. Just something to keep in mind when being a villan or faceing one.


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          I'd like to add that antoher option when you see someone starting fires is to tackle them to the ground. Start beating on them, and call them all sorts of nasty names.

          I've definitly had Martel jumped by people who poped up to defend the Weas... Watch when he was slamming on them, and it was great. They get some status with the watch as duelist haters. I get to have fun and exchange nasty words with someone, and everyone else in the room might have their thoughts pushed one way or another.

          The most important thing to do is take a stand and actively defend it. Pro or counter. Just be vocal about it. If you never talk, you can have all the opinion you want, but you won't get noticed. Not to mean you start randomly shouting people down, but its important to put yourself forward enough to get noticed.

          -=- Matt


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            Offering a service...

            Official Bridge Burner...

            So, who's up for a good torching? Hmm?

            *glances around at a room of blank stares*...

            You know, this evil thing isn't quite what it's cracked up to be people, but I can assure you, no matter how many bridges you burn, people you attempt to assinate, or hearts you break...someone foolish *cough* I mean kind enough to take you up on your offer to build those bridges again helps. Just remember, don't build your own grave and save...make sure you have an escape hole planned in advance. That way, thwarting those damned goodie two shoes won't be so difficult the next time.

            And remember, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer...


            (player note, I still have time to bring the castle to it's, I may be about, but yes, after my time is gone, so am I.)
            Harbormaster: Hold up there, you! It's a shilling to tie up your boat at the dock... and I shall need to know your name.

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              I vote not to conflict.

              Keep in touch, PM me with yahoo messneger. My ID is Fizgot. (and tell me who you are in CM so that I can know who Im talking to)


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                What is a novel without some kind of antagonism? I think villains are really the only antagonists in CM and are NEEDED... so I vote against you, Kyle. Faer is right, it's a tea party without them.


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                  I would like to suggest that if you see someone with a match about to set a bridge on fire, that you set that person on fire. Because what you won't see is the person behind you with a bucket of water ready to put him out, or the servant with a towel ready to dry him off.

                  What does all this mean? I honestly have no idea.

                  But I would like to point out what I thought was most important about this...there are multiple bridges. Always remember that. If one bridge falls, yes, it can be rebuilt, but why? There is another bridge just down the road.


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                    Okay, okay screaming for conflict is all well and good, and burning bridges may sound daring, but I should like to point out the limits of these strategies. These are not at all abstract to me, as Andrew has dealt with most to all of this. This is from personal experience

                    WE NEED A VILLAIN SYNDROME
                    Crying for a villain works if you are in a western, where your definition of a villain is playing the minor key and wearing black. But good and evil has been relativised in Castle Marrach. It is no longer possible to distinguish between good and evil.

                    That which is evil is that which runs contrary to your own interests.

                    Moral ambiguity is realistic but makes infertile ground for your traditional villain. Andrew has looked at the current forces grappling for control (don't worry conspiracy fans I won't give anything away) ansd has concluded that they all beleive that they are doing the right thing, believe so passionately and are equally ruthless in pursueing that dream.

                    BURNING BRIGDES HURTS RP
                    Trust me, I am hated by some /very/ powerful people and groups and it has not aided my rp much. It just means that doors are closed to me and I get shut out of the system. My rp is not helped. I am just rendered unpopular and without status.

                    So you will forgive me if I am going to doll out some hugs, because I am sick of being dumped on by NPCs, VPs, PCs and what have you......

                    Not that I don't have some grudges


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                      Aside from the great call for people in black hats this seems to have become, I'd like to point out that you don't have to be a villain to start conflict.

                      On the most basic level, it's human not to get along. It's human that two individuals might have opposing ideals, goals or simply ways of life. All of this breeds conflict without making one the villain. Again, the Watch-Duelist feud is a great example of this... Or would anybody here OOCly agree that either the Duelists or the Watch are villains?

                      So, this goes out to all the people who stoop to OOCly asking whether you, the player, don't like them once a little conflict comes up. This goes to all the people who think life is just about being nice to each other. This goes to all the people who for whatever reasons won't play out conflict....: Shame on you, cause IMNSHO, you're trying to rob the game of a wonderfully human aspect.

                      Have a nice day.
                      'If you're going through hell, keep going.'
                      -- Winston Churchill

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                      The most acceptable hypocrisy.
                      -- Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

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                        drahkkil is gonna have to get to work, he's evil as HELL


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                          Every good conflict still doeaas need some good guys. Dont all of you middlebie/oldbie players go change your characters to be all evil and so on, cause if a plot is all 'bad guys' striving after their goals, kiniving and bribing their way up the ladder, there may not be as much chance for an explosive climax (Like the morte/martel/punzel stuff)
                          To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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                            Why don't I just argue here...

                            First of all, I agree, Conflict = GOOD.

                            Unfortunately, the game does not reward conflict. If it were a competitive game... Sure thing. But it's cooperative. When you go against the grain, you get shunned. I speak from personal experience.

                            Hell, I have dozens of people POed at me OOC for the way I play Duren. He starts conflict. They don't like conflict IC, so they make it an OOC deal.

                            I like conflict. I really do. IRL and IG. It drives stories. Which makes... Logically... Me one of the drivers of the stories. (Doesn't that scare you? Who knows where I might drive us!!). But until there is actual IG support for starting conflict... There's simply no point.

                            Carebear attitude gets you advanced, so everyone does the carebear attitude. There are a few notable exceptions. Martel, Duren, Darvius, etc. Some people don't even have to do ANYTHING to get promoted. But overall, Carebears have higher chances of moving up then Pirannah plants. Human nature to take the path of least resistance (More proof as to why I'm NOT human).

                            As Dariel said, human beings normally DON'T get along. That's just the way we are. 99.9% of the people I meet, I dispise. The other .1% are my friends, and we spend half our time insulting each other anyway. Some people, WILL try and avoid conflict. But the vast majority of us, dislike people.

                            So, obviously, IF were were realistic, maybe 1 out of every 20 would be a Carebear. Maybe 1 out of 20 would be a Pirannah plant. The rest of us, would be somewhere in the middle.

                            So, my suggestion... Is to stop being so damn nice to everyone. Yes, acknowledging newlies is important. Even helping them out is important. But do you have to be nice about it? HELL NO. If you're going to play the opposite of yourself, then think of what you would normally do, and don't do it. It's not hard. But if you think about it, what do we normally do IRL? If we were sitting in the courtyard, talking with our friends, and some new person walked in, and started asking stupid questions, how would you feel about it? Not too happy I'd bet.

                            So... Yeah. That didn't make much sense, I'm sure... Caffine withdrawal. But that's it. All 2 cents.

                            Jared (Duren's Player)

                            "So eat a cookie you cancerous, pizza faced mutant!!!!"


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                              Ya, well... the thing... villains should be evil in their OWN way... not necesarilly evil to everyone. That way, they won't be total outcasts.



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